Letters by Type Salon

Alja Herlah and Krista Likar are young graphic designers focusing on designing letters and typography. They have recently founded a typography studio Type Salon, where they showcase Slovenian typographic heritage ...

martina AMBROŽ

After finishing my studies at the Faculty of Arts of University of Maribor, I did not stop creating; at this point I had just begun. I often get so dramatic ...

Street Life

Photography: Žan Zupančič Models: Neja Brank, Svit Tilen Zupančič, Bine Kramar, Gebriele Steffe Nimaš Izbire [gallery columns="2" link="file" size="full" display="masonry" targetsize="large" captions="onhover" captiontype="p" customlink="false" bottomspace="default" gutterwidth="5" hidecontrols="false" newtab="false" class="" ids="3122,3117,3118,3119,3113,3114,3120"]