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Thank you for all the love over the past 6 years. We want to give at least some of it back to you. Welcome to the LOVE issue. ♡…


Waste is a term that’s very in. Not just when talking about the environment, it also applies to people and the relationships…


A brand new realization flows over me: change is the only thing I’ve ever known, everything else has changed. (Masha Mazi)  En…

New Edge #09

Something caught our eye, because it reflected a part of us in it. (Vanja Žižić) Enjoy our newest reflections issue!

New Edge #08

Errors remind us that nothing should be taken too seriously. At least not for too long. (Denis Pucelj) Enjoy our newest glitch iss…


  • Promising
  • Vision
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  • Alternative
  • Culture
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Marc Jacob Cavazza, performing under the name Vazz, is a young artist based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, with a deep appreciation for a…


This is an editorial that was created as part of a study process of Tanja Vidic at the Department of Textile and Clothing Design, …

Polymorphic ritual

In 2020, we are at a critical contagion of change. The material body becomes the very site where trauma, transformation, technolog…


A short introduction – who’s behind the FOLDS brand and what is it that you do? We’re Anja and Nikolaj, students…

Claudi Sovrè is a Prince of Pop

Claudi Sovre (CLOUDY), born in 1994, is a gradute of the Department of Photography at the Higher School of Applied Sciences VIST …


JANJA VIDEC by ZUPANOV UTOPIA: a sense of freedom in the new Janja Videc clothing collection Fashion designer Janja Videc is telli…

Us – Record of Ljubljana

You and me. We have known each other our whole lives, when we were little, you wove knots in my hair when I slept, because you wer…

Ljubljana Fashion Week 2020

Our FreeŠn contest winner Žiga Kuhel  attended LJFW, which this year took place at MAO and underpass Ajdovščina in Ljublja…

Love Nature

Love Nature. Connect with the natural world. Walk barefoot through the forest. Hug a tree. Lay in the grass. Close your eyes. List…

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