This project began with a simple question. Is it possible to create a self-portrait without stepping in front of the lens? With this premise, I began documenting my life in late 2014. The documentation did not revolve around specific events or characters but rather impulsive snapshots of visual elements and/or situations. Instead of creating a descriptive diary, I surrendered to the poetry that captured my mind’s eye. The subconscious became the director
and the conscious was merely a camera operator. Each image is a small visual snippet of the mind that when arranged into sequences becomes cinematic fragments resembling memories of lucid dreams, ripped out of context to be interpreted by the dreamer. These distilled fragments, much like distilled ideas, became a mirror, a tool of self-reflection and a critical engine that drove
to self-understanding. The past is nothing more than a dream, what we chose to do with it is up to us.
EyeME is the third and latest volume of a larger body of work, documenting a two year period between late 2017 and late 2019.

Project title: EyeME
Author: Vedran Tomšić / vtomsic


The following photographs were taken between November 2018 and November 2019.
©Vedran Tomšić 2020

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