Virtual Cocoons – online exhibition

Virtual Cocoons online exhibition by Specter, in collaboration with Theo Ellison. It is some time ago when we started thinking about a response to the pandemic, just after the start of the lockdown in Europe, and way before the height of the global crisis that followed. It’s been tragic, heartbreaking and scary to see things we seemed to be able to rely on, like healthcare systems, crumble and break apart. Our hearts are with those affected by the disease, whether it impacted, or still impacts, physical or mental health, family, livelihood, or other sources of stability and joy.

Virtual cocoons hosts a humble selection of 15 artists, whose work reflects on – what we came to call – our involuntary cocooning  (in alphabetical order):

Theo Ellison
Simon Gwinner
Ruby Gloom
Grace Houghton
Annika Kappner
Sophie Mars
Agnes Momirski
NSDOS aka Kirikoo Des
Guy Oliver
Paola Pinna
Kaspar Ravel
Alice Scope & Webtaura & Snizhana Chernetska
Paprika Xu
Jonathan Yau

With Virtual Cocoons we offer an exploration of isolation, transformation and coping mechanisms associated with our time in quarantine. Hints are given at new futures, new ways of life, new selves. However, despite us finding our way out into the world again, now, in the midst of summer, we are by no means done with our process of transformation. That’s where the virtuality of these cocoons might give us solace, as they can offer a temporary space for reflection, anytime.

The exhibition is accompanied by Wade Wallerstein’s essay The Digital Chrysalis: Metamorphosis in Simulation. The introduction text is written by Georgia Kareola. Cocoon artworks are made by Theo Ellison.

Specter is founded by Agnes Momirski and Georgia Kareola.


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