The second part of my trip led me back to Asia. It was time to leave my beloved Sydney that became my second home and venture to the south islands of Thailand, soak in some tropical sun and over-eat on Pad Thai. Even though Thailand has its charm, I didn’t mind leaving it a few weeks later and travelling to Vietnam. I arrived in northern Hanoi and made my way down the country, exploring incredibly beautiful countryside of probably my favourite place of my trip. More palm trees, monkeys and rice. That is why I decided to cancel the rest of my SE Asian plan and go back to Sydney for a bit. But the travel bug wasn’t out of my system yet so end of March I packed my bags and, joined by my Aussie love, travelled to Japan which had just started to blossom in the early spring.  Cat cafes, daily dose of sushi and hanami season. Then the classic layover in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, big concrete metropolis in the middle of a jungle and off to the final destination of my trip, India.

It was unbearably hot, dusty and chaotic, but a place you can’t not fall in love with. Old-school Rajasthan, surrounded by the desert and full of magical temples smelled like sandalwood and camel poo, alluring and repulsive at the same time. I concluded my unforgettable journey watching the sunrise under the massive Taj Mahal, getting caught in a deadly sand storm and meeting up with one of my best friends. I finally flew back to Europe in the end of May, full of memories and impressions of how beautiful our World truly is.


/ Text and photography: Bronka Seljak

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