Versace Tribute by Kristijan Švab

A fashion icon and a creator. A lover, a son, a brother.  Gianni Versace was born on December 2nd 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy. In 1978 he launched the brand of Versace in Milan, Italy, with his sister Donatella serving as his muse and contributing to the brand as campaign supervisor.  The famous Medusa head, recognizable all around the world, Gianni had chosen for the brand’s logo because once people fell in love with Medusa, they were past the point of no return. The snake heads adorning her head reached past Milan’s city walls as Gianni continued to take the fashion world by storm, expanding throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, truly building a fashion empire. On July 15th 1997 tragedy hit the world when Gianni Versace was shot dead on the steps of his villa, falling victim to the serial killer Andrew Cunanan. After Gianni’s death his sister Donatella took over as Versace’s Creative director, with their brother Santo as the brand’s CEO. Together they brought the brand back to life, leading it further and further into success.

Kristijan Švab is a 19-year-old self-taught photographer who’s been using photography as a means of expression for the past three years. He’s mostly focused on fashion and beauty photography – a field he’s always had an interest and passion for and where he feels the most confident.

Versace was one of the first fashion brands which with its classic ‘baroque’ motifs and cuts drew Kristijan into the world of fashion.

The inspiration for this editorial came from the Versace Women S/S18 (Tribute) Collection. That very collection is also shown in this editorial since the fabric of the garment is the original, imported from Italy. The inspiration for the belt comes from the F/W 1997-98 collection, recently shown as part of the Met Gala 2018 Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination exhibition.

Kristijan dedicates the editorial to the fashion genius who left this world too soon.

“Versace to me represents the strength and braveness in the expression of one’s self.” – Kristijan Švab


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