Under the Banana Tree

This photo story is the result of a partnership between two Macedonians, reunited in Ljubljana, Slovenia. @iksolokin & @fabulousisfreedom joined their forces in the tropical atmosphere of the Botanical garden. A short introduction of both of them: Jane Nikolovski, a 26-year old self-taught photographer, who is considered one of the best up & coming photographers, was not in the capital of Slovenia by accident (hint: he held a workshop at one of the coolest student projects ever, Freešn). Marija Stojkovska, a fashion blogger, born and raised in Skopje, who claims that she became her true self while living and studying in Ljubljana.

/ Photographer: Jane Nikolovski. Model, MUA, Hair: Marija Stojkovska


Marija Stojkovska: “I was thinking a lot about how I could describe this photoshoot without being too sappy. If I said that nothing was planned, you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true. The only thing that was for sure was the entrance ticket that cost 1,30€. The rest was the product of our joint imaginations. It might sound funny, if I start explaining the hair, makeup and outfit details, but I will be as real as I can. I did my makeup as I do it every day, in a hurry and minimal, a lot of accent on the full foundation coverage and everything else to the bare minimum. My curls are part of my 3 day project (that was their third day of coexsisting with me) & I am wearing a swimsuit (as a top) with my favorite jeans. The poses are not spontaneous, I usually don’t even hold a pose, because I move a lot and I get distracted easily. But when you appreciate and admire someone’s work and trust them with your life at the same time , amazing things can happen. I can proudly say that I used my full posing potential for this photoshoot and I hope we will reunite and remake something similar soon. Sometimes, once in a million years, everything just clicks. The outfit, the location, my face, the person behind the camera, the weather… And that’s when magic happens.”

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