“The First” YMS Collection

Hector A. B. Hernandez, Klara Boh, Maja Pajk, Noka Žujo, Nik Podgajski and Ali Velič are a team of young creative hairdressers and co-workers at the Young Mič Styling in City Park. They created this amazing hair collection because they wanted to show others that they have no limits in cutting, styling and coloring hair.

Why did you create”The First” YMS Collection?
It is our first year of working in City Park and since it is our first anniversary we wanted to create something special. We decided to do a photo collection with which we can show people what we are doing and what we can offer in our YMS salon.

How do you differ from other hair salons?
All 6 hairstylist are in charge of their own work but at the same time we want to make your hair feel like it’s personalized, ‘custom made’ for you. We are trying to represent our own vision and show our meaning of beauty.

What has been your biggest challenge on creating the Collection?
Hector: For me the biggest challenge was taking all the personality of every hairstyle (which are really different and strong) and trying to put this together to create something beautiful.
Klara: The biggest challenge was probably organizing the whole photoshoot.
Noka: It was challenging to unite all the ideas into one beautiful creation.
Maja: I was challenged to make my model look different and at the same time in the collection line.
Ali: It was hard to decide for just one style, because we had brainstormed so many beautiful ideas.

What do you consider to be your biggest breakthrough?
We think that we need to start believing in ourselves and with this collection you can see that everyone put out their creative vision and we’re now more connected between each other. And this is important because now we can create and grow like a team in a better way – ” because together we can go faster”.

What are your goals and plans for the future?
Hector: My goal is to inspire and show people that they can be whatever they want, they just need to believe.
Klara: I want to show people different looks and let them know we can make them look and feel amazing with adding just a little bit of magic.
Noka: My goal is to show my passion for hairstyling in the flow of the style.
Maja: I want to show how one person can be extravagant but at the same time look elegant, don’t be afraid to be who you are.
Ali: This is a good question… my goal is to show how nice you can feel when you’re doing what you like and then your ideas and creativity just fly and you create amazing things.

And at the end from Héctor, with love: I want to thank every single person for making this possible. Especially my team because together we created something beautiful. Thank you!


Creative Director: Hector A. B. Hernandez with YMS team
Photography: Rok Vrečer
MUA artist: Nina Gudeljvic
Jewellery: Ofrjewelry
Styling: Hector A. B. Hernandez
Clothing: Morro Sartoriale
Models: Lara, Jaka, Marja, Lea, Karen, Marta, Veronika.
Hair: Hector A. B. Hernandez, Klara Boh, Maja Pajk, Noka Žujo, Ali Velič, Nik Podgajski.
Assistant: Lea Jus
YMS (Young Mič Styling) City Park products from Paul Mitchell

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