The Corona Diary: Pursuit of happiness as life withdraws

Coronavirus has changed mine and the lives of my friends in immeasurable ways that are still unfolding.

During the pandemic we were, and more or less still are, terrified of many previously fairly unimaginable occurrences, such as being responsible for killing our parents, loosing our jobs, getting seriously sick, loosing democracy, never being able to visit a museum, eat in a restaurant, going on a date or enjoy a sunset on a beach in a foreign country again.

As normal life came to a grinding halt, I was overcome with anxiety and was convinced the shortness of my breath was a first sign of the disease. After some time (and after a 30-days yoga challenge, which I accomplished in 7 days straight), I decided not to dwell on the situation (too much) and considering all the newly enforced laws, I was determined to find joy. I thought we could find it together.

New ways of socialising were invented. Birthdays came and passed without many attendants. Bars and clubs were replaced by parks and balconies. Many beverages were drunk and delicious meals were shared.

I took my camera along with me. Enjoy the trip.

Photos: Valentina Jarc

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