#STAYINSIDE by Primoz Zorko

I was kind of put off creatively by the flood of poster designs about the #stayhome / quarantine movement. Especially because so many of them had this very serious, some even condescending tone or felt vague and seen-before. So I said to myself I was not going to design anything regarding this topic. But this is exactly what then sprouted this idea which is taking this kind of humorous approach yet still aims to do good, reaching people with a solidarity call to action but is also touching the issue of us creatives having this sort of delusional “saving-the-world” feeling and attitude by designing a poster.
I also did a version that was addressing the current local (and global) political situation with the help of copywriter Jernej Vrečar – you can find those on my social media.


Some friends and fans were asking for a t-shirt with the design so I decided to run a short Everpress campaign with one of the designs while I’m still “stuck” in Portugal due to the pandemic situation.


As part of promoting the t-shirt I started playing with creating some short video animations which then transcended into using iterations of those videos as comments on pretty random posts from pretty random people and pages on Facebook (which you can check out on the New Edge Facebook page).


The #STAYINSIDE t-shirt campaign is ending soon, this Wednesday, May 27. So this is the last chance to get one yourself. Thanks for the support.

You can follow Primoz on Instagram: @primozzorko and buy his t-shirts here





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