The Future is Chromatic / Alien Diva Universe

Alien Diva, debut album by siXren, is a futuristic hiphop music production spanning over deep and dark 808 drums with opulent piano riffs and sci-fi sound design, underlining siXren’s sultry voice and sharp lyricism, permeating with a sensibility for posthuman aesthetics.

Accompanying the album release is an ambitious music video directed by Milena Sekulic and co-directed by Agnes Momirski titled Architect Drillers, exploring the architectures of body and power. With mixed reality visuals, spanning CGI avatars and monumental locations, the film narrative traverses space and time as it travels different architectures, and directs four very important paradigms – human relationship with outer space, transcendence, public media and identity. These architectures reflect on the fundamentally patriarchal and heteronormative power structures and surveillance motives, as well as the articulated sense of otherness.

The filming spanned internationally over three months and is set on 4 locations in The Netherlands and Slovenia: Ksevt – Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies; Wilhelminaplein Metro Station in Rotterdam; Chromatic Pillars | Hof van Zuid – Art work by Joost van den Toorn; Green rooftop – the matrix architecture.

Visual direction includes editorial photography by the acclaimed photographers Vitan Dzhus, Kwadwo Amfo, Sara Rman, and recreating the artist in digital space by CGI artist Killian Vos, DOP-ed by Peter Perunovic, executively produced by Sonja Backovic and produced by Silaverse.

Alien Diva universe links together sounds, garments and visuals, to accompany the release siXren created her merch line Metatrixx – alien opulence with limited edition bandanas. Alien Diva album by siXren is her most realised sound yet and includes songs titled Hybrid overture, Vogue, Architect Drillers, Post it, Red Carpet Walk, and Dark Femme, written and produced in Paris, Ljubljana & Rotterdam with Ukrainian music producer Mazhora. The songs will be released during the next months, and the full album will be available in June 2023 on limited edition futuristic USBs. On 12.4.2023 Architect Drillers music video will premiere in Kanaal 40, an interdisciplinary space for music and culture in Amsterdam.

siXren and collaborators:


is a moniker for musician and interdisciplinary artist Agnes Momirski, whose universe links together visuals, garments, and sonics. siXren has previously released Chrome Code EP, premiering on Kaltblut magazine in February 2023. she won the Motel Mozaik award 2019; her work siXren (verbum medicinae) was performed in over 20 occasions since 2020; she was recently seen on Hoer Berlin 2021, Lente Kabinet amsterdam 2022, Futur Shock london 2021, as well as Impakt festival, AXS art Amsterdam, ADAF Greece, Maaspodium Rotterdam, MGLC Ljubljana; in 2022 she joined powers with Mazhora to create Alien Diva. Creating works across genres and mediums, such as multi-media club meditations, rituals and performative lectures on topics of femme futurism, radical embodiment, siXren explores the architectures of body and mind in the (virtual) simulation. 

Milena Sekulic

Milena Sekulic is a Slovenian-born, Amsterdam-breed director and creative visionaire, bridging the gap between the present and the imaginative, yet very exciting, future. Committed to cyber sensitivity, Milena strives to redesign the merging of digital realm within the physical world. Her work operates on the border between reality and dream states and constantly displaces the self within the tension of those two notions. Storyteller focused on merging high tech with refined conceptual research, Sekulic mission is to challenge perception and explore the ways in which technology can facilitate and enhance human connection while living in increasingly limiting social systems. 


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