Our paths joined randomly, on a trip to Beograd where we met and hit it off like a dynamic duo from the start. Life has a tendency to surprise you when you least expect it and it seems that randomness is a well dominated factor in our relationship. It is also how rakija Dora started; totally random and as a fun joke between just us two. It was in the month of November when Dora celebrated her birthday and Katja surprised her with a custom made rakija. Why did she choose this present? Well, it’s no secret that Dora likes to have one or two shots of rakija on a daily basis and Katja thought it would be a fun concept. She designed a minimalistic, simple label with the idea that the rakija is made out of 100% distilled Dora’s tears. The bottle also comes with an advisement by Dora, instructing you to drink it when you’re feeling sick, which you can find on the back of the eco-friendly glass bottle. All jokes aside, the rakija actually contains nothing but pure homegrown pears. Accepting the gift, which needless to say Dora loved, she posted (yet again) a random campaign as a joke on Instagram and people went crazy. We certainly didn’t expect such a response; order after order and they were and still are coming with no signs of stopping.

Up until now rakija Dora was all fun and games or better yet, a non-realistic atmosphere we suddenly found ourselves in. Everything went smoothly and highly unexpected, but as the orders are accumulating, this little dreamy bubble of ours is slowly bursting and the reality is hitting us hard. Having a good idea and a story behind it just isn’t enough and it’s the first time for both of us that we are dealing with entrepreneurship which is unlike anything we’ve dealt with before. We still have a lot to learn. Luckily, the future is unknown and it belongs to those who dare to dream and work for it, so we will see what it holds for us; hopefully only the best.


Text: Anja Ovčar

Photo: Mark Kucler
Studio: 100 Toes
Hair: Ian Richie
MUA: Laura Butkovic
Models: Dora, Katja, Jaka
Assistant: Lana Špiler


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