Polymorphic ritual

In 2020, we are at a critical contagion of change. The material body becomes the very site where trauma, transformation, technological innovation, and evolution conflate. Polymorphic ritual confers the deep post-anthropocene yearning for in-depth self-transformation. The survival of our material body depends on returning to a sensibility for (material and spiritual) metamorphosis, allowing us to attune our nervous systems into an encompassing ecosystem.

Polymorphism, is in biology related to biodiversity, genetic variation, and adaptation. Polymorphic facets of the posthuman embodiment, inspired Agnes and Brencha to collaborate on ritual costumes emphasizing the aesthetics of survival, adaptability, sportswear and self-optimization. Tech-materials married with ritual intent, adjustable straps and sturdy fabric, suggest resizability, changeability, and metamorphic embodiment as a pattern of resonance between long-standing dichotomies between ancient and modern, body and consciousness, self and otherness. 

Polymorphic ritual audio journey, is an informative sonic travel narrating the history behind the human project of self-transformation and evolving human consciousness, drawing from neuroscience, rituality, and psychotechnologies (systems for a deliberate change in consciousness as described in the book The Aquarian conspiracy). The narration contains spoken word, rhythm, and guided conscious breathwork. 


Link to Polymorphic audio journey here:


Image credits:
Concept – Agnes Momirski
Fashion design – Brencha
Photography – Sara Rman
Models – Agnes Momirski, Ana Marija Garafol, Sofiya Kruglikova
MUA – Agnes Momirski


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