Since the whole idea started as a school project, I never would’ve thought we would still be doing it by now and yet you are looking at the tenth issue of our magazine and 4 wonderful years of creating it. We are still committed to the same bases that we’ve set in the beginning –  we are an online magazine that promotes and draws attention to all the good and valuable things in our life and environment. We try to present and introduce people with remarkable interests and innovative views of the world. And we live by the saying, that it is often necessary to look at life from another perspective.

In this time we’ve had more than 300 people involved and we’ve created more than 600 magazine pages, connecting people from Slovenia and also from other parts of the world who are willing to create and present themselves.

You can find us on our renewed website where we’ve created an online platform for current and upcoming events, relevant interviews with innovative creatives and exclusive fashion and travel editorials. To keep you up to date and have content available online for you every day and everywhere.

The magazine itself has changed into a visual zine filled with beautiful editorials and essays on display for you to read and enjoy in the closest cafes at least once a year, because nothing beats the feeling and the smell of fresh print.

Thank you for staying with us.
Anja Korošec


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