On Friday, 26 April, we raised our glasses of chilled white wine to celebrate Fem’s first birthday at Počesalnica hair salon in Ljubljana., an online platform which prides itself on being an honest and simple guide into the world of skincare and cosmetics, was founded by Ines Šercelj in 2018 and has since expanded into any woman’s (or man’s) skincare best friend. They recently launched FemPlus – an online cosmetology wizard, so to speak, where you get your personalised skincare delivered to you online, thanks to a team of amazing professionals.

Fem isn’t just your ordinary website and so its birthday couldn’t just be an ordinary event. Complete with a speech from the founder herself, a 101 in face massage courtesy of Šminkarnica, an introduction into the world of quality cosmetics from the founder of Te Mana Skincare, another thing the birthday party had to offer was ear piercings. Yes, you read it right – smack dab in the middle of the salon, professionals from the IBUA studio had their needles ready to decorate your ears to your heart’s desire.

It was a gathering of women of all ages, skin types of all kinds, all with one thing in common; their love for Fem and their love for a healthy and glowing skin.

I’ve once heard Ines talk about the why’s of self-publishing and the big one behind why she’d started Fem in the first place. “My answer to ‘why’ is simple. I want everyone to have beautiful skin. People often find skincare daunting because they’re suffocating in information – through Fem I want to show them that it’s easy, simple and achievable.”

And with the response Fem has gotten in just the first year of its working, she seems to be on the right path. Happy Birthday Fem, and to many more to come!


Read more about Ines and Fem in our interview here. You can follow Fem on Instagram or online

Photos: Ajda Račečič

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