Nothing less

“Nothing less” is a short skateboard film by Kristijan Stramic, a freelance filmmaker/cinematographer from Slovenia.
We talked to Kristijan about his work, how he creates, what goes into the making of a project and his plans for the future.


There’s the majority that fits in a societal box.
And then there’s a group of people who jump right out of that too-tightly fitting box, set it on fire and create their own set of rules.
In this community, common social expectations and prejudice are erased. Here, the understanding of sheer freedom, of expression, is undeniable and impossible to ignore, impossible to diminish.
What connects them are those deeper roots of sometimes gentle rebelliousness, sometimes fierce power and innate joy but always—always—the community and the never ending thirst for freedom.
Connection found even in moments of complete solitude, without unnecessary words spoken or glances shared.
Sometimes the only conversation—the only explanation—needed is the noise of rubber and wood on pavement.

Nothing else. Nothing less.

Who is Kristijan Stramič?
I’m from Novo mesto, but I’ve been living in Ljubljana over the last 8 years. I’m a freelance filmmaker/cinematographer. It all started with filming skateboarding videos as a kid. I fell in love with it… You know, just trying to film each clip from a different perspective, not as a typical skate video. I think that skateboarding videography needs more of that.

I love my job because it’s super dynamic and you get to learn new stuff every time you’re on the set (setting up lights for the right mood, new filming techniques etc.). Every location and project presents a new challenge. There is also a lot of traveling included, especially when it comes to projects I do for Red Bull with Slovenian/German crew.

How do you create?
It starts with following a lot of DOP’s and directors work as well as trends in commercials, short films, feature films and so on. Eventually an idea comes to mind. When I roughly put together how I want my project to look like or in what direction I want to go, I start searching for skateboarders, actors, location, music,… All the pieces I need to realize my idea. I write down everything and draw sketches of shots. The mood, the lights… shot by shot, until I’m 100% satisfied. Next step is filming and after that comes the editing. Detail by detail. It’s what makes a picture perfect (sound effects, graphics,..). That’s my specialty I would say. I see every little detail and I want it to be perfect.

This is how I get my work done.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?
The biggest challenge so far has been the project I worked on a few months ago. It was a commercial for Slovenian brand Kras. That was the first time I had to work with the camera and lenses I have never worked with before. The crew was one of the biggest so far as well. Before we started filming I was pretty worried how everything would turn out, but in the end all the fear was for nothing. The crew was amazing, really helpful and we got on great. I also got a lot of great tips from the director. You just wish for a crew like that.

That is for sure the project I would point out, but there are challenges on every project I do – from crazy locations to everything and anything that involves extreme sports.

What would you consider as a breakthrough point for you?
The project that changed my flow of work was a short skateboarding film “Signature”.

It was my first passion project that got a lot of attention from all over the world and it also got Staff Picked on Vimeo which was a really big deal for me. But regarding my job – it got me to where I’m now – working for Red Bull with the Starelation crew on some of the biggest projects. BRIGHT, a video production company, also plays an important role in my career. They have supported me and given me a chance to work with them on amazing projects as well.

What are your plans for the future?
I would love to do more passion projects, especially when it comes to skateboarding, but overall I would like to evolve even more as a filmmaker/cinematographer. Bigger, more challenging projects, crazier locations… you name it.



Nothing Less Credits:
Cinematographer: Kristijan Stramic
2nd Camera & Aerial: Andro Kajzer
Colorist: Matic Prusnik
Editor: Kristijan Stramic
Script: Matej Pocervina
Words: Katarina Tavcar
Photography: Domen Dajcman, Matej Pocervina, Jan Pirnat
Skateboarders: Luka Bizjak, Matjaz Bedenik, Deso, Beno Omahen, Tadej Skrbis, Ali Jusovic, Matej Pocervina, Tomaz Santl, Robert Perko, Gregor Skok, Mendus, Tibor Rep, Gregor Kuzmic, Tomaz Praunseis
Music: “Elektra” performed by Zdenka Kovacicek
Courtesy of Croatia Records
“Blvck Ski Mvsk” performed by Mistakes
“Los Je Dan” performed by Max & Intro
Courtesy of Discom

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