Creative direction: Miss Vandelej
Photo: Valentina Jarc
Clothes: Janja Videc
Styling: Janja Videc & Sandra Videc
Models: Janja VidecSandra Videc
Words: Sandra Videc


It’s when the new moon casts the shadows over the horizon that we remember our roots, our wild yet feminine nature, our strengths, and our vulnerabilities.

It’s the ability of the moon that we women carry in us. The ability to change the mood and set the atmosphere. To influence the surroundings, to plant the daffodils or cut down the young birches, so they never grow tall and see the sun. The decision is ours, and sometimes it seems easier to cut down the trees to have all the fresh oxygen for ourselves than to cultivate the conditions for growth and nurture the individualities and abilities in others.

A woman is another woman’s worst enemy. We all heard it and we can see it getting played out on many levels, amongst sisters, mothers, friends, and coworkers. We can easily see why within a very self-centered, goal-oriented, and competition-driven society it is so hard to create a true connection amongst women. You have to be the best. In every area. All the time. It’s a competition. A power play.

However, let us challenge ourselves and try to look at a concept of power from a new angle, with a new edge. Let us turn the societal norms of linear straightforwardness into a circle and change the mood. Circularity is the natural orientation of the feminine. It’s in our nature to unite, nourish, nurture, not to divide and destroy.

If we change the mood into a circle, into togetherness, into sisterhood, we get a bond that is much more powerful and strong than any individual could ever get. It is within that power that we can regain strong roots and grow tall branches while not needing to compromise our position or cut down other trees.

It is within the power of the unit that we can nurture the meaning of sisterhood and cultivate the bond. It is within that power that we can braid each other’s hair and put the flower petals under our feet.

Like we used to, with a gentle hand, by the fire, united in a circle. To make the path easier and the dawn brighter. After all, it is our essence we all share, and oftentimes also the struggles, the insecurities, the shaky hands, bad hair days, and tamed voices. We almost forgot how to sing from our souls, and we certainly forgot how to sing together. In sync. It is louder. Easier. Better.

It is the new mood. The power of sisterhood.

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