On the occasion of Witches Sisterhood exhibition by Janja Videc at MAO, artist Agnes Momirski designed the New Moon Cacao ritual for a healing musical experience.

On Thursday 29th of August, during the new moon lunation, we immerse ourselves in ritual consciousness, the female archetypal reality, magical thinking, and imagine a future of intuitive ecstatic living in sync with the moon cycles.
Places are limited, therefore please RSVP to:

The ritual performance is an immersive healing cosmos of video, sound, rhythm and voice. Participants are offered a healing cacao treat, while being led into a guided meditation.

The New Moon lunation is a time for resetting and starting again, and to ceremonially remind ourselves that we are always in the becoming and therefore never complete. It is in our human nature to be continuously negotiating the dominant parts of ourselves, dancing in between the heart and the mind, matter and spirit, human and machine, virtual and real. The ritualistic intention is set collectively, potentiating further cultural change and ensuring a future of wellbeing beyond linear thinking and hegemonic forces.

The process of integrating our inherent dualities and inner archetypes is a stellar journey, a never ending ecstatic dance, a healing ritual.

Ritual designed by Agnes Momirski (Interdisciplinary artist, ritual designer, writer)
Ritual music composed by yEs!yEs! (AN3, music composer and sound artist)



Witches Sisterhood is organic brand, which places at the forefront the ancient archetypical soul of a witch disguised as a modern woman who finds it difficult to escape the fast pace of modern life, and yet, through daily rituals, can find a nook reserved only for herself, where she can pause and restore her strength.

The garment is a kind of reminder of the daily ritual, drawing attention to what really matters. The emphasis is on materials, on the story, and on a positive attitude toward the body; it matters where the clothes are made, how they are made, and what feelings they stir in us.
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Witches Sisterhood Exhibition Video:
Agnes Momirski in collaboration with Janja Videc, created an immersive video & sound piece to accompany the Witches Sisterhood exhibition, and offer a glimpse into the neo-ritualistic mindset. Audience is invited to sit in the comfortable setting of the exhibition room, and experience musical and vocal ritual immersion.

About Agnes Momirski:
Agnes Momirski is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and performer, based in Rotterdam and Ljubljana.
Her work and research explores the human wellbeing condition within the global technological context, by drawing from philosophical, anthropological, metaphysical, and astrological knowledge. By means of multimedia visual, music and sound collaborations across disciplines, she advocates for mental health awareness, radical self-care and wellbeing, and a revival of the alchemical worldview.

Currently, Agnes focuses on creating ritual music performances and deep meditative readings, reviving the archaic and archetypal sensibilities within digital realities and introducing a healing neo-ritualistic mindset into our cultural climate.

In 2019, she co-founded Specter, a research umbrella for interdisciplinary events and artist collaborations, together with Georgia Kareola; exploring the current and future spiritual evolution in technology enabled environments.
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Find the article by Agnes about Ritual consciousness and it’s healing properties on our website.

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