New Edge x Launch Party

Take a walk on the edge of it all at the pop up event for the release of the 10th issue of New Edge Magazine. Come celebrate with us.

New Edge Magazine is intended to be enjoyed – especially when it’s forbidden to do so. Enjoy with us in new edges, risks, adventurous fashion experiments and in the words of art people we get inspired by when walking with them in the streets of towns and cities of Slovenia.

New Edge is a biannual magazine, created for the young and ambitious. It’s a platform for the aspiring, where they can build on their recognition and through us reach their creative and career goals. New Edge is an independent platform that fuels the expression of creativity without limits and encourages interdisciplinary collaborations and creativity.

Why Tozd? Because the spot is simply too cool to put the answer in a couple of words! What brings Tozd and New Edge together is the creativity integrated in Ljubljana’s urban environment which combines the potential and innovation of creating. Because we love being our genuine selves, we do what we love, we hang out with those that are like-minded and together we’re creating something beautiful.

Let’s have a toast to us!
#newedgemagazine #tozd

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