miss vandelej x reinkarmika

Creative direction: Miss Vandelej
Photo: Valentina Jarc
Clothes: Reinkarmika
Words: Karmen Koren & Valentina Jarc
Models: Dora Maroević & Anja Ovčar


YIN YANG – Two halves completing into wholeness. Starting point for change. When something is whole, by definition, it is unchanging and as such upsets the equilibrium of wholeness. Both halves are chasing after each other as they seek a new balance with each other.

Night vs. day

Shady vs. sunny

Male vs. female (energy)

Nature vs. city

Yin Yang is the concept of duality forming a whole. We encounter examples of Yin and Yang every day. This project represents just that. It also represents the female gaze. How us women perceive the world. How we can be strong and gentle at the same time. It is made by women for women.

Who are we?
Clothes: Reinkarmika | Karmen Koren

Reinkarmika is a sustainable clothing brand.

We design our pieces using old clothes that people want to throw away. We give them a new life, make them fashionable and special. We also make new pieces from quality Slovenian and European fabric. Finally, we offer carefully selected second-hand and vintage pieces that you will love. We don’t just make clothes. We make stories.

Who is the person behind Reinkarmika?
My name is Karmen. If someone asks me about who I am, I would say a weird being. Why? Well, firstly we are all weird, right? Each of us in their own way and that’s great! We should be proud of it. And yes, you figured it out, clothes are one of my biggest passions in life. When I was eighteen years old, just finishing high school for kindergarten teaching, I was determined to apply for fashion school. With no knowledge in design, sewing, pattern making, just my passion and love for clothes and styling. And it was enough. It was even more than enough. Because all the things you don’t know, you can learn if you really want to. Throughout my student years I used a lot of second-hand clothes for my design pieces. I loved the quality and stories they had. I started collecting them and in about eight years my parents’ house was full of them. Yeah, it’s a little bit funny but my father didn’t think so and wanted to get rid of them all. He said he would bring a tractor and take them somewhere away from his house. Well, I think we all get his behaviour. He was right, I had to get that sorted out! I told him I would open a shop – and I did. Reinkarmika was born. This was one of the best decisions of my life. It might sound weird, but my job is to never work a day in my life. And I don’t. Because what I do is a lifestyle. And you can do it too. Just follow your gut and believe in yourself!

Here are some facts about Karmen, if you want to know her a little bit better:

– I love cats. Well, I love all animals.

– I love graphic design and browsing for things on the internet. 

– I avoid small talk, since conversation offers a lot more than that. A lot more.

–  I am great at motivating and guiding people to their true selves. Just ask.

– I always say “If I can, everybody can.”

– I do astrology readings. I have a certificate, but I’d rather do an intuitive one.

– I believe in willpower. When you believe in yourself, then you can achieve anything.

– I believe in magic because everything is magic.

Creative Direction: Miss Vandelej | Valentina Jarc
What once started as one of the first vintage shops in Slovenia, has developed into an independent creative direction “studio”. We offer styling and photography skills and are mainly focused on vintage and local brands. As such, we still try to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability within the fashion industry.

Who is the person behind Miss Vandelej?
I am Valentina Jarc, Writer, Stylist, Photographer and an all-around creative being from Ljubljana. After a year and a half in Vienna, where I gained experience at the magazine Metropole in Vienna and Forward Festival, attended numerous art openings, learned how to paint and met many inspirational human beings, I returned home to my dear Ljubljana. Since I didn’t want to fall into a black hole called boredom and cynicism, which are very well known to many of its inhabitants, I decided to do what I love the most – taking analog photos and being creative in all aspects of my life. In only one month I organised three photoshoots with local vintage and designer brands. The first one was a fun urban collaboration with Pulz vintage shop, second was climbing the rooftops with cheeky brand Lena, and the third was a pure #girlgaze experience with vintage shop Reinkarmika. With my work I try to support vintage and local brands, collaborate with other inspirational people and have pure fun. I do not use photoshop and try to take as much time as is needed to get a perfect shot every single time. I’m in love with natural light, quirkiness and happy coincidences. I especially like taking photos of strong (yet gentle, educated yet humble, fierce yet compassionate, passionate yet rational, disciplined yet free) women. It gives me wings every time I see how happy they are with the outcome and how relaxed they are while working with me. Waiting for the photos to develop and then seeing them for the very first time is one of the most exhilarating experiences I can think of. Every time I plug a USB stick into my laptop, adrenaline runs wild through my veins. It became an addiction from which I don’t ever want to recover.

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