Mergentaler Street Gallery

Mergentaler Street Gallery of Layerjeva hiša and TAM-TAM
11.3. – 7. 4. 2022

The opening of the exhibition will be on Saturday, March 12, at 11 am in front of the Mergentaler Street Gallery on Tomšičeva Street in Kranj. Welcome!

In a triptych: “Palmovo olje naše vsakdanje”, Authors Barbara Borko and Tom Veber present one of the most visible environmental issues of our time – the production of palm oil. Labour exploitation, rainforest deforestation and environmental pollution are just some of the many consequences of palm oil production and serious indications that this production must be stopped as soon as possible, as it could have catastrophic consequences for our planet and the world population in the long run. 

One of the most attractive features of the use of palm oil is the low production cost, which makes it subject to mass use. The posters are based on a combination of poetry and visual image, and the conceptual design is based on the human component. We are aware of various environmental issues through the media every day, but we are still unaware that many people face the consequences of human impact on the environment every day. 

Barbara Borko is a graphic designer, entrepreneur and art and design lover. She was born in Maribor, where she completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics. Barbara continued her studies at FH Joanneum in Graz, Austria, majoring in Communication Design. Since 2014, she has been actively cooperating with local and international companies, creating and caring for their graphic images and promotional materials. She has also been an active blogger since 2015. She attends events and exhibitions related to design and art and publishes them on her blog With the desire to promote Slovenian products and creators, she created the Slovenian Heritage brand. She exhibits her work in group exhibitions (Sex dialogues 2018 in Ukraine, In Between 2019 in Austria) and in solo exhibitions.

Tom Weber is a poet, performer, visual artist, editor and cultural producer. He has performed as an actor and dancer at the Glej Theater, PTL, Kino Šiška, Klub Tiffany and the English Student Theater. As a singer, he has collaborated with the choirs of Sankofa, Beegesus, APZ Maribor and APZ Tone Tomšič. Tom publishes poetry in the literary magazines Poetikon, Dialogi, Mentor, Literatura, Apokalipsa, Rast and participates in poetry slams, with the poetic monodrama Realism is reserved for clowns touring Slovenia.

Tom is also the winner of the Poetry Olympiad 2018 and the winner of the first prize in the competition for the best song within the Days of Poetry and Wine 2020 festival.

He has published two poetry collections, Točka preloma (2019), Do tu sega gozd (2021) and is a multiple recipient of the JAK Scholarship for Perspective Creator in the Field of Literature (2019, 2020, 2021).


The Mergentaler Street Gallery is an art project of the Layer House and the TAM-TAM Institute. In the 2022 season, it presents works of art by authors selected in an open call with the central theme The Future of Food [pH].

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