Focus inwards. Don’t do anything for 15 seconds.
Reaching states of complete focus has never been this easy.
Focus is a state of intentional levitating in the vast cloud of digital dust and fractal joyfulness.
Focus is sustained effort to live in bodily incarceration, while gazing into the digital eye.
Digital happiness is spreading into the infinite cosmos.
Enjoy the freedom of the bright flame, realizing you need not do anything.
Finally after all these years of deprivation of your analog self find a state of complete serenity accessible instantly.
The glow of your iPhone illuminates the digital dust bouncing off the happycoins in your digital wallet.
Reaching states of serenity is easy. Focus inwards.”


Text from the video FOCUS, commissioned by DATEAGLEART, London, January 2018

Human beings are deeply defined by their sense of purpose. An innate drive and motivation to fulfill one’s potential is imperative for leading a happy life with a sense of wellbeing. Digital experience is similarly better, when we go about one’s digital life with a sense of intent, purpose and focus.

Technologies offer an immense effect on human consciousness. Their potential for healing and wellbeing, is used to restore mental health by slowing down the accelerating rates of anxiety and depression. Next-generation digital approaches and design solutions are proving effective in regulating our digital experiences and spreading awareness of the importance of global well-being and mental health. One of the healing approaches in digital development are digital wellness and digital mindfulness. They help us with how we allocate our attention, how we work, use technology, stay productive and control the nature of our thoughts. Global healing is also encouraged by ethical design solutions and technologies, that are decentralized, peer-to-peer, free, sustainable, and respect human rights. With innovation for wellbeing in digitized experiences, they combat effects of persuasive technologies, which are extremely addictive as they trigger high dopamine responses in the human body. The addictiveness of persuasive technologies is achieved with the use of behavioral design and neuro-scientific techniques to increase user engagement. Technology is build to demand more and more users attention, while performing functions at speed and power that is not natural for human beings. Apps such as Space, uses insights from neuroscience and Machine learning, can be significant aid towards slowing down and single-tasking.

Opening Facebook, you get a notification by Space app: Take one deep breath. The screen shows a circle expanding as we inhale, and shrinking as we exhale. Done! Circle disappears and Facebook opens to our more relaxed state of being.

Immense impact of technologies on human behavior and wellbeing, raises more profound questions about human experience. Metaphysical philosophies of zen, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, tantra, are increasingly more integrated into digital strategies, making the human digital experience calmer and satisfying. More digital tools are serving the human desire for personal growth and spiritual development, such as fitness, nutrition and meditation apps, as well as devices made especially for meditation (Muse – wearable brain sensing headband) which are directly bridging technology and spirituality. Within a vast globalized and decentralized (digital) world, technologies are giving rise to spiritual innovation. We’re witnessing a revival of community, purpose, and intuition, as we’re embarking on an inward, rather then an outward, journey. According to New Age beliefs, the year 2012 was a stepping stone into the age of Aquarius. An age of deeper level of interpersonal connection, a sense of community and belonging to a large global family and a common purpose. The internet. On this axis of time which is the Anthropocene, we are slowly stepping towards a post-work future, where human wellbeing becomes the first priority. We are witnessing the merging of science and spirit, and maybe even a rise of new aware science, as Morris Berman calls it – a science informed by intuitive knowledge. It might soon bring the end of subject-object division, of the Cartesian split, that has marked humanity since the scientific revolution. Berman proposes a new holistic world view in the future, in which all the repressed “shadows” of the industrial civilization (feminism, ecology, ethnicity,..), merge in recovery of our bodies, minds and a sense of community and purpose.

The main goal of humanity has become to shift human consciousness. We strive towards optimization of all body and mind processes. Optimization of human beings equals global prosperity, eternal bliss and divinity, attainable through innovation and the return of mimetic coexistence, purpose and intuitive knowledge.

Short beep while the notifications on our screens reminds us to stop scrolling and let go:
Focus inwards. Don’t do anything for 15 seconds.


Agnes Momirski
Interdisciplinary artist and writer


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