Magical lonely morning

If magic exists, it’s in new beginnings.

Dawn promises the return of light, giving life to everything.

Happy expectations and the urge to create help with waking up without an alarm. The urge to live is unstoppable.

What is your purpose for today?

“Get out and live,” she says to her reflection in the mirror, with a smile on her face.

It’s dark outside and the city still sleeps, with the exception of a few open windows, through which you can almost smell coffee. The first cars are driving people to their jobs all across the country.

She rides her blue bicycle in the light of dawn, the most beautiful sky is inspiring birds to start with their endless chatting in all diverse melodies, weaving a morning harmony.

One with her bike and still sleepy, she is pushing the pedals like she’s still in her last night’s dreamy adventures. Grateful for the nature around her home, she feels a gentle morning breeze on her cheeks. Summer is already here, you can smell it.

There’s this beautiful lake really near, surrounded with misty fields, covered in lovely light that’s brighter with every passing moment. Sun is saluting Nature with precious soft kisses. In return, everything is soaked in gold.

She’s there, bathing in this magical moment like a fairy. A part of everything, almost floating above the ground. Sunshine enters her heart and fills it with joy. This is one of those moments that last forever.

The new day is here, like a blank page to fill. As an artist, she masters the art of wonder, and with the blank space embodied, she deepens the mystery that surrounds us with being here and alive. Sometimes when you come close to the existence you almost can’t believe it’s possible.

I breathe… Therefore I am. And with the sunshine of today’s sunrise, I can light up the world, it’s shadow places and sad eyes.

Good morning.


Photo: Valentina Jarc
Words: Andreja Benedejčič
Model: Helena Tahir

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