M J M is a live idea.

Life is people. People with whom we create, laugh and truly love. People with whom we share moments to remember at the end of this short journey. M J M are people. Marko. Julija. Mark. Colleagues and friends who on the staircase of a club in Ljubljana dreamed up their own brand with a story.

For starters, let the story speak for itself. On a cold winter morning Mark opened his office drawer and found three t-shirts. Score! Fairtrade, 100% eco cotton, one size fits all, package free and no delivery. After posting it online things got serious. We expected many LOLs and ROFLs and read private messages from people saying they really feel the power of the verbal filter »ARE YOU FUCKING WITH ME«. So much, they wanted to wear it on their shirts. Different people and different life situations, which we struggle to understand, sometimes encourage us even more. A seemingly simple phrase and print in a few days showed us that there are brave people out there who dare to wear their opinion on their chest and neck. The community is expanding. What started as a joke isn’t a joke anymore and the number of our ambassadors is quickly increasing. And M J M is growing. Our fucking brand was created, accepted and is now growing … The birthday joke is bearing fruit.

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