Times are strange and getting stranger as we’ve said in our Letters to Friends and Strangers incentive. With everything that’s happening around the world and inside the borders of our small country, we’re well aware that things are shifting and for most people out there life’s about to get a whole lot harder. In order to help each other as humans and creatives, the NEW EDGE team would like to encourage you to support your local (small) businesses and artists. We’d like to encourage you to invest into innovative and creative work and contribute to the local community instead of turning to mass retailers and consumption. Here’s our volume three local brands and businesses picks (in no particular order) that you can support, not only in these hard times but especially when this is all over. 


We Are Lena (streetwear) 

Lena is a fictitious formation whose origin story comes from the Ljubljana underground catacombs.
She was created by spontaneously straining the neurological connections of her mothers, two friends Tjaša Pezdirc and Eva Slana.
It manifests in clothes. The unique features of the brand are reflected in the combination of funky looks, colors and trendy prints, which are combined by Lena, the girl from the logo, who personifies the brand. Lena represents a pinch of madness, a teaspoon of fun and a touch of wackiness and enriches the wardrobe of both the youth and those young at heart.

Probably, like everyone else, we find inspiration everywhere. With the new collection which is currently in the making we found our inspiration right in Grandma’s closet. In the past, we were looking for inspiration in the 90s and 80s. We also get a lot of inspiration from our travels – lately, Tokyo has impressed us the most.
While working and brainstorming, we like to drink a glass of wine and work without pressure. We are very easy going and the saying “go with the flow” really suits us.
And so it began..with a glass of wine, browsing through the internet, looking at pieces of clothing we couldn’t buy anywhere in Slovenia.
Not having them in Slovenia didn’t mean we didn’t want them (maybe that’s why we wanted them even more), so we had the idea to make our own piece, exactly the way we wanted it.
And that’s exactly what we did 🙂

We are really grateful to every single person who buys our stuff and supports us so that we can do what we enjoy most!
Stay safe ppl!
Hugs and Kisses xoxo

You can support We Are Lena by buying their streetwear here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Valentina Jarc, Edit: Eva Slana


Wow Bow (fashion accessories) 

My name is Katja and I am the founder & creator of WOWBOW. I’m 29 years old and live in Ljubljana (Slovenia). I have a passion for fashion and am a non-stop creator (content/art/fashion).

In December 2018  I started to create wooden bow ties for women. Why? Well, I saw a creative opportunity when my uncle made one wooden bow tie for my brother, because at that time they were been very popular & I wanted to create one for myself.

There were no such bow ties for women that would have a shape and design that I would like, so I was curious and together with my mom designed one for myself.
Everything else is history. In August 2018 WOWBOW was made.

Now, WOWBOW is much more than just wooden accessories for women. It’s a brand that stands for quality and sustainability. Each piece is hand- and love-made.

Creating WOWBOW products for girls & women that are like-minded and enjoy combining accessories to complete their look or style, is why I truly love creating them♥️?.

WOWBOW products are made WITH and FOR women and that is why every piece I make is so special. 


You can support Wow Bow by buying their scrunchies here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Wow Bow archive


Neza Zehelj (jewellery)

Neža Žehelj is a brand established by the artist herself – goldsmith and jewellery designer. Neža designs unique handcrafted contemporary jewellery within the intersection of art, fashion and design.

Her jewellery pieces interpret lost and found stories conceptually plugged into released jewellery collections and one of a kind wearable pieces of art.

She graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Italy and was accepted at the prestigious Royal College of art in London – Goldsmith, Silversmith, Jewellery design and Metal work department. Her apprenticeship under goldsmith master Christoph Steidl Porenta lasted three years.

“During these quarantine times I’ve dedicated my time mostly to the development of a new brand Agnes Bossman, which we’ll be launching soon.

Agnes Bossman presents presonalised modern jewellery made out of precious metals, made in Slovenia. With selected messages it goes beyond the decorative function and becomes a new medium for communicating individual’s views and feelings. It gives people freedom of expression and endorses diversity. At the same time it non-verbally increases the reach of socially critical communication of those of similar sentient.”


You can support Neza Zehelj by buying her jewellery here and by following her on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Katja Goljat


Milo za drago + bellaOpera (natural cosmetics + jewellery) 

Milo za drago is a Slovene brand of environmentally conscious natural cosmetics from botanicals, handmade in small batches out of natural ingredients, made by Alja Fir, Anja Tomažič and Katja Schoss.

We have a collection of basic cosmetics for everyday use; natural soaps, nourishing body mousses and lip balms, that has been going strong since 2012. 

Besides cosmetics we are passionate about other sustainable, handcrafted products and have a line of jewellery in stone, known as bellaOpera. 


You can support Milo za drago / bellaOpera by buying their cosmetics here or jewellery here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook or contact them at 

Photo: Milo za drago archive


KerAMIka (ceramics)

My name is Anamarija and I’m the author of unique cerAMIcs – I create under the brand Ami.

I choose to work with clay for its properties of flexibility, forgiveness, the wide rage of experiences and expression it offers and many times my inability to control the outcomes. Clay can be temperamental, it’s a tactile, often meditative form of making art. Pottery is about not always knowing what’s going to happen next and that gives me a constant thrill.

For me working with such a basic and tactile substance as clay is above satisfying – it makes me perpetually curious and challenges my every-day life. The practice of creating, its repetition and simplicity, helps me to become and stay mindful. With pottery nothing is frantic because it dictates its own pace, one that is slower than this modern life. Each ceramic vessel I make is unique and honors difference.

I am intrigued by the way that the human mind automatically makes connections between objects and people. The individual pot is not diminished by its role as a functional vessel; rather, its fulfillment happens through its use.

I believe that pottery is best when held. Therefore in the moment I enjoy making cups the most. The hand-scale encourages touch … that which can be held can be known more fully.

I want to encourage the awareness that ceramics, for example a cup, is not merely an object to carry coffee or tea or even a cup to garner someone’s positive aesthetic reaction, but a vessel to take the user into a quiet, comfortable space where the chatter stops. I seek to enliven and to elevate the potentially mundane activities of eating and drinking beyond the ordinary and co-create new beautiful thoughts, actions, relationships. In this way the simple choice of cup, bowl, or plate creates an encounter with art.

Recognizing inspirations in simple things and finding beauty – this is my life-long journey and a wonderful adventure.

You can support Ami ceramics by buying her ceramics and by following her on Instagram.

Photo: Ami ceramics personal archive


Goodwill (streetwear)

My name is Špela Dobrovoljc (22). The name Goodwill is derived from the translation of my last name. Although the brand’s name is in English, we want it to retain its Slovenian meaning, as the whole brand strives to spread positive energy. Creativity is present in my whole family; my mother and sister stand behind the Atelje Dobrovoljc brand, and since last year my fiancé Lan (23) and my brother Žiga (21) have been creating under their own brand. I stand by the fact that everyone needs one huge sweater in their closet and because as a dancer I’ve always worn comfortable clothes, Goodwill cuts are oversized.  This is why I can now share my closet with my other half. We don’t want people to worry about whether the garment is for women or men as it can be worn by anyone. Thus, most Goodwill garments are unisex and oversized meaning they’re really wide and comfortable. The pieces are suitable for home, sports, work, college and even the theater. The motifs were created when my brother was bored in class and started sketching hands. All drawings are unique and carry a message in which each individual finds their own meaning. I make all the pieces myself and they are entirely Slovenian products. All products are made out of OEKO-TEX® certified cotton, which means that the garments are non-allergenic and do not contain toxic carcinogenic dyes. The brand strives for sustainable fashion with as little waste as possible and without the use of plastic packaging. We want people wearing the pieces we create to feel the good energy and pass it forward. Our motto is: if you feel good, you look good too.

Spend the time in self-isolation doing the things you didn’t have the time for before all this happened. So that when this is all over you can look back and be proud of what you’ve done / accomplished in this time and haven’t wasted it on nonsense.


You can support Goodwill by buying their garments here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Goodwill personal archive


Madres (natural cosmetics)

Madres is natural and handcrafted cosmetics. Modern women take on many different roles. We rule the world with our versatility and we can move mountains when the need arises. However, we should take a break from our fast and modern lives every once in a while. Give ourselves a little pampering – of the best kind. The creator of Madres is also a woman. One that has decided to give women (and men) cosmetics, made from hand-mixed natural ingredients, that will be truly effective.

My name is MARjeta DRESar and I am the creator of Madres.

For many years I have been preparing natural cosmetics for myself, returning to the roots, to the skills of our mothers, aunts and grandmothers. Since I only use natural and best ingredients in my recipes I wanted to offer this to other women as well. Getting back to nature also means that our product is easy to use and environmentally friendly. The carefully designed and composed packaging makes it environmentally friendly, since it is completely recyclable and decomposable after use, thus closing the circle with nature.

Madres cosmetics is designed for all modern women and men who want to take care of themselves without the unnecessary chemistry and are environmentally conscious.

I truly believe in my deodorants. Each product is made from carefully selected ingredients and I also focus on the fragrance mix, which is a unique signature of each of the Madres products.

I prove that glamour can be natural but most of all environmentally friendly.


You can support Madres by shopping their products here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Tadej Čauševič


Nega Cosmetics (hair care)

My name is Neža Spruk and I’m the founder of Nega Cosmetics. I’m a business woman, architect by profession, I love to create and I love animals. My mission has always been intertwined with caring for animals. Even when it comes to beauty and cosmetics. It has been my long-standing desire to create my own cosmetic brand that offers the best without compromise and inspires women. On my social networks and on my website I encourage my community to use products which are not tested on animals, and during the search for the best solutions  Nega was born. A brand made entirely in Slovenia, with a Slovenian name that says it all, with only one letter difference from mine, but standing for exactly the same principles.

In our online community #negababes, we support and encourage women, believe in equality, our natural beauty and enjoy our first product together. Our first product is Nega hair mask, which offers more than any other on the market, is made of the highest quality local ingredients, tested to perfection by women, and is packed in a biodegradable bag. Nega hair mask elevates the natural beauty of your hair, completely transforms it with the help of Slovenian-grown immortal flower called smilj and, together with olive oil, shea butter, wheat proteins and wheat germ oil, provides healthier, softer and shinier hair from roots to tips in only 15 minutes.

Our mission is to create a a whole collection of body care products that will be so good that people will stop buying those that harm them, animals and the environment. We hope you will join us as soon as possible!


You can support Nega by shopping their products here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Mojca Vidmar


Peach Booty Plan (sports)

Peach Booty Plan is not just another sports equipment company. At Peach Booty Plan we are committed to making every one of our users an active woman with a healthy lifestyle. Our goal isn’t to be just another product that you’d buy and forget somewhere in the corner, but to be with you every step of your journey! Which is why right away with the purchase of one of our products you get an e-book with tutorials to help get you started with your workouts. We are always at your disposal for any additional questions and we consistently send you useful information so that you never run out of ideas for further training.

The Peach Booty Plan resistance band was created because we couldn’t find one already on the market that would fit our ‘needs’. Our bands are made out of cotton, prolonging their ‘life span’ and making them more comfortable than the usual plastic bands. They’re wider, allowing for a better grip and preventing them from sliding during workouts.

We are committed to ensuring that our products are always of the highest quality which allows you to achieve great results with your new equipment and use it for a very long time.


You can support Peach Booty Plan by shopping their sports program here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook

Photo: Peach Booty Plan archives

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