Times are strange and getting stranger as we’ve said in our Letters to Friends and Strangers incentive. With everything that’s happening around the world and inside the borders of our small country, we’re well aware that things are shifting and for most people out there life’s about to get a whole lot harder. In order to help each other as humans and creatives, the NEW EDGE team would like to encourage you to support your local (small) businesses and artists. We’d like to encourage you to invest into innovative and creative work and contribute to the local community instead of turning to mass retailers and consumption. Here’s our volume two local brands picks (in no particular order) that you can support, not only in these hard times but especially when this is all over. 


Lantern Collective (t-shirts, hoodies, streetewear)

The main point of Lantern Collective are not the products but the story behind them. The essence of Lantern is representing certain aesthetics and a certain lifestyle.
We want to give people more than just pieces of clothing –  it’s better to see Lantern as a movement or a culture.
The products are just the merch of that movement. The apparel we put out definitely has more of a street/skate look. Since the quality of the products is our top priority all of our products are hand screen printed in the Lantern Collective headquarters in Maribor, Slovenia. The backpacks and 5 panels are also handmade in the same place.

The main goal is definitely to continue creating high quality content that means something.
That goes for everything we do: photos, videos, art exhibitions, events, apparel and accessories. Quality of our content and our products is definitely our top priority.

You can support Lantern Collective by buying their streetwear here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook. You can read more about Lantern Collective in our interview here

Photo: Špela Senica


Fuga (lifestyle, streetwear)

Fuga is a collaborative project of two based in Ljubljana, Slovenia combining fashion design, styling and photography. There was always a connection of similar aesthetics and ideas between us which then formed our brand in the beginning of 2017. We usually work as a one man band (doing everything – research, sewing, presentation) ourselves as well as collaboration – we like to collaborate with other creatives and their aesthetics. Our idea is a combination of our lifestyles, streetwear, bright colors, analog, nightlife and youth culture . All our products are produced in Slovenia, we often use leftover production fabrics which we collect. Our identity is a sustainable one.

You can support Fuga by buying their streetwear here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook.

Photo: Fuga, model: Brina Vidic


Yummi Apparel (lingerie and swimwear)

Yummi Apparel is clothing brand of comfortable lingerie and swimwear.

Just before the mandatory quarantine came into effect, I got delivered a bunch of new fabric for new swimwear. Needless to say I was a little disappointed because the situation seemed to escalate and as a creator of swimwear I thought well, we all may not see the seaside anytime soon. 

On the other hand, this situation gave me more time to focus on creativity and my designs and not rush towards the summer collection drops. I have more time to engage with my followers on social media and they have been really supportive. Their appreciation gives me hope for the future. 

I think we are all a little worried about what’s to come but I’m remaining optimistic because the majority of us realises the importance of #stayathome. While the health workers are battling through this, the best we can do is work on ourselves, work on our future and I think the rest will fall into place by itself.

You can support Yummi Apparel by buying their lingerie and swimwear here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook. Read more about Patricia and her brand in our interview here

Photo: Rok Ilovar


Flower and Spice (natural skincare)

Flower and Spice, modern apothecary, is a natural skincare brand that launched in 2018 and took over the world with vast speed. The founder, Karmen Novak is a Slovenian that moved to the Netherlands for love and when she didn’t find a job that she would like, she learned how to formulate and create a small line of products. The brand was quickly accepted by green beauty bloggers and noticed by several major magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and featured next to luxury skincare giants. All Flower and Spice products are vegan, 100% natural, and organic. Although Karmen formulates the products in the Netherlands, they are manufactured in a 2nd generation family business and natural skincare lab in Switzerland. They were certified with the ‘Certified Sustainable Economics Standard (CSE)’ in 2012 for their ethical, ecological, and economic excellence. 

“I appreciate good quality in everything and I don’t want to provide nothing less for my customers. We always choose only the best ingredients, packaging and each customer is treated with care. Creating skincare is my passion and the best feeling is when my customers get amazing results and coming back for more. I see skincare as part of self-pampering and each application is a relaxing experience for your skin and your soul.” Karmen Novak 

And in the current situation: “If you can’t go out go in. Into your soul.”

You can support Flower and Spice by buying their skincare here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook.

Photo: Flower and Spice archive


Petras Cakes (boutique cake art)

I created Pcakes back in 2013 when I wanted to introduce modern cakes to our lovely country.  Petra’s Cakes stands for boutique cakes for special moments in your life. I make cakes for every possible occasion and I love being a part of your life stories.

Through time I developed my own style of decorating cakes and every cake has a story. I am in love with minimalism and simplicity, but sometimes I love some drama. I search for inspiration in other creative fields such as art and often photography. Nothing beats a good baking day, styling and shooting my creations. I want to stay true to myself and my creativity and I am happy that I have good support and clients who come back to me over and over.

The most important thing right now is to come together, support each other and realize what really matters.

As my cakes are meant for celebrations, the current situation, of course, affected my business. Gatherings and weddings are cancelled. But, at this time more then ever, we need some sweetness in our life and celebrate the little things. And that we can do by ourselves or with the people in quarantine. So in this situation, I want to bring as much joy that I can with my sweets. In the end, we will come out of this more humble with a fresh perspective and respect. 

You can support Petra’s cakes by ordering her cakes here and by following her on Instagram / Facebook.

Photo: Pcakes archive


BOO (backpacks, bags and apparel)

BOO is a young Slovenian brand founded in 2016 by two sisters, Dominika, the creative lead and designer, and Katarina, the project and sales manager. Overall, it’s still a two-person mission. It stands behind the words: simple, special, sustainable.
BOO designs backpacks, bags, and clothing and sells the collections locally and internationally.
The focus is on creating simple products with value and deeper meaning, nature-friendly and timeless pieces.
BOO’s main inspiration comes from nature, architecture, and art.

“I get that shopping, other than essentials, is not a priority right now but you wouldn’t believe the impact  this situation has had on our business and countless others.
But it is not all negative, I feel like we’ve got some extra time to rethink our future projects and be even more mindful and genuine.
Therefore, let’s show each other some support at this tough time and spread the word about small brands we know. If you’ve had your eye on something lately, now is the time to show some love to those who really need it. Thank you all for your continued support ?
Love, BOO”

You can support BOO by buying their products here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook.

Photo: Boo archive


Zulu Zion (socks and designer apparel)

Zulu Zion is a young brand founded by Miha and Dijana Rolc, husband and wife, who have been working together as a dynamic duo since 2013. They combined their experiences with creativity and design and created Zulu Zion socks, but soon after they added other products to their brand, including sweaters and calendars.

They find their inspiration in the nostalgia of their childhoods, on different trips around their world and even at home. Zulu Zion grew into a synonym  of colors and patters that merge into a fashionable piece which will bring joy to your life time and time again.

We know that currently the future doesn’t seem bright but we have to live in the now and appreciate what we have already. And for anyone owning a pair of Zulu socks or whoever is looking to buy a pair – with our quirky designs and bold colors, we want to lift people’s moods and hopefully we have managed to do so for over 6 years now.

You can support Zulu Zion by buying their socks and apparel here and by following them on Instagram / Facebook.

Photo: Zulu Zion archive


LYC (streetwear)

LYC is a brand that celebrates an entire era of Yugoslavian design. A period in time when this region of the world had an established visual identity. A time when quality was produced locally. As skateboarders ourselves we’ve grown up appreciating the clothes, products, architecture and music of ex-yugo cities. We wish to revitalize this spirit through all of our endeavors (be it garments, films, events, etc.).

You can support LYC by buying their garments here and by following them on Instagram. You can read more about LYC in our interview here


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