Ljubljana Fashion Week April 2018

The fashion season has finally made its comeback in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and with it the first of the two Slovenian fashion weeks. First in line in time for spring is LJFW – Ljubljana Fashion Week. It migrated from the previous edition’s venue – a cold garage in the city center – into one of the studios of Viba Film and created a pleasant atmosphere for all fashion lovers that attended it.

The majority of the designers presenting at the April 2018 edition of LJFW were foreign with a limited selection of Slovenian talent; some of them already recognized on the Slovenian market, whilst other completely new.

Fashion week opened with shows by students of fashion and textile design from NTF faculty, who arguably showed the most creativity and innovative solutions, proving once again that Slovenian fashion lies in good hands. We can hardly wait for the solo shows of Tjaša Zalar and Cilka Sadar, who will present their extended collections at MBFWLJ in May in Ljubljana, and of other young creatives who are certainly facing a bright and creative future.

Country style pieces were among the most noticeable ones on the runway, as well as pieces inspired by traditional local culture and national costumes, embroidered items and knitwear. On the other end of the spectrum we found strong and strict minimalism, bright colours and a lot of classic black and white combinations.

The region favourite would certainly have to be DIORALOP who strongly convinced us with minimalistic tomboy cuts, styling and the overall presentation, spiced up with Mammii accessories.

Our Slovenian favourite for youth, Petja Zorec, convinced us with creative prints, bulky coats and signature knits, closing LJFW with yet another successful male collection.



Text: Anze Ermenc

Photo: Manca Kocjancic

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