Just A Corpse

On Thursday, the 12th of September an event happening at Muzej arhitekture in oblikovanja caught my eye. It was the opening of an exhibition that coincided with the new launch of luxury leisure and body-wear of the company Just A Corpse. Their website states, the brand draws inspiration from dance and fashion, as the two art forms share the same starting point: the body.

The event started late in the evening with some glasses of wine and snacks and continued with the grand opening of the exhibition. We walked into the showroom and were astonished by the beautiful positioning of the pieces into space. The room had a stone-exposed feature wall that was in all it’s natural shades of brown and grey, accompanied by a “mobile” layout of leggings, leotards and other dance wear which hung from the ceiling on see-through strings, a fan blowing wind directly into them so they moved and turned with the circulation of the air making them look like dancing bodies. The theme of the collection was presented in mostly earthy tones that perfectly matched the wall they were in front of.
The room also had a pop-up shop in the corner and a projector showing the short video presenting the collection on opposite blank walls. The whole event was also accompanied with live piano music being played by a man in the middle of the showroom.

As someone who danced classical ballet for 9 years, this whole collection really left me speechless. All of the pieces are crafted so beautifully, with the dancer’s body and movement in mind. The materials felt luxurious and the pieces well-thought-out. You could also easily wear the garments with a day-to-day outfit as well, as their look was elegant and chic, perfect for any occasion.

/ Text and photos: Mia Janezic

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