Jaša Muller, flowers and ice

Jaša Muller is a 18 year old artist, currently studying photography at the Secondary School for Photography and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia. From a young age, Jaša was a very artistic kid whose first passion was drawing but he later picked up photography to express his artistic side.

When and how did you first get in to photography?

When I was a child I always wanted a camera but my parents didn’t want to get me one. Who can blame them – I always got bored of things and cameras weren’t so cheap. My dad was the first one who got a camera because he needed it for work. I didn’t do much photography with that camera but I did make a lot of videos staring my friends or just myself. I would lock myself in a room, create a script, record everything and then edit. I also took photographs of myself and then I posted them on Facebook and people like that. I got lots of positive comments. But I didn’t get into photography seriously until I got my first very own camera three years ago. Since then I’ve never stopped shooting.

What made you start experimenting with image?

I am not comfortable with shooting things that I don’t like. I don’t think I can get my job done well if I don’t like the things that I’m shooting. Maybe that’s because I’ve always viewed photography as something personal.

I wanted my images to look different from everyone else’s. I think having your own style is really important but it is hard work getting there. I am still not comfortable with where I am in photography so I am always trying something new. And I think that’s a good thing.

So that was when I started experimenting with photography. I think experimenting is important because the only way you can get better is to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Even if it’s bad in the beginning, we learn from our mistakes.

What inspires you? Who do you look up to?

Recently I started printing out my images, spraying water on them or just ripping them apart, taping them back together and taking photographs of them again. I really like doing this. It is okay to get inspired by others but don’t copy their work.

Best advice you ever got?

Try to be original and make something that you’ve never seen before.

Tell me about this series?

My biggest inspirations are the things that are around me. My last series was inspired by water and how to capture it in different shapes and forms. The series showed here builds up on that and focuses on ice and flowers. I created a lot of different ice blocks with a lot of different flowers. The ice was then placed on a printed picture and photographed again.

I liked this process because it was very challenging and time sensitive, but I am very happy with the results.

Model: Masa Majnik @Immortal Model Management

Make up artist: Lea Bole



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