The Helmut project is a platform that gives space and a creative environment to young photographers and visual artists in order to support collective creativeness and spread culture and art. The Helmut project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia in the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

The Helmut platform creates a creative space for Slovenian fashion photographers, offers them mentorship and job opportunities. Its goal is to improve their position for work, raise visibility and improve the quality of the local industry.

Helmut is the first platform in Slovenia which works as an active and innovative creative organization made for promising photography talents. We search for perspective and unique young photographers to join us in order to give them the opportunity to excel at home and abroad.

With the name of the platform, we pay tribute to german photographer Helmut Newton, whose work left a big mark in the fashion world. His signature visual perspective is still recognized as very exceptional in the industry. So as we carry his name, we also carry his photography values of provocativeness, boldness and being unique.

For us, photography represents the collision of emotions and environment in a certain moment. We want to emphasize its artistic value, its legacy, and its uniqueness. Our desire with the Helmut platform is to bring fashion photography closer to the general public and address it as a language of emotions.

To our circle, we invite and accept people with open creative minds and a love for photography. We are convinced that a common desire for success can contribute to a collectively better quality of work and major development of an individual.


The Helmut platform with TAM-TAM, is announcing a photography competition and is accepting new talents to its circle. If you want to create a career in the photography industry, we invite you to sign up and submit your photo portfolio at the link on our website. Meet our mentors, work with renowned names in the fashion industry and become a member of the Helmut collective, which opens the door to the creative world of fashion photography. You have time to register until 02.07.2021. The competition is only for the SLO market or creators. We are waiting for you!

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