“Fitness Goth collection was part of a semester project at NTF titled Ko-Lab, which I did under the mentorship of professor Nataša Peršuh. It began as a collection of diverse impressions I got, combining the shapes of Givenchy 60s outerwear and clean-cut minimalism of modern sportswear and the volume the clothes create when danced in thus creating an atmosphere of the imaginative persona I made the collection for. A very androgynous elegance, dark, clean and airy with specific fabric which gave me so much inspiration, these are the first pieces I’m proud to say are mine and represent my creativity. The fabrics I preferred working with are ones which are easy and comfortable to wear, embracing their tendencies to crease and wrinkle, including them as part of the design. The jacket, my favourite piece, is made from neoprene which was the basis for my idea to create. I knew I wanted to work with it because of its unique look, very classically elegant but at the same time futuristic, which is what I wanted to portray and express with Fitness Goth.”  – Nesha Knific

Photography: @tamirpotokar

Clothes & MUA: Nesha Knific

Model: Kristina Horvat

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