This is an editorial that was created as part of a study process of Tanja Vidic at the Department of Textile and Clothing Design, NTF, under the mentorship of assist. Petja Zorec.


I am waiting and hoping for nature to puncture my skin, yet I am terrified of wasps that could do it

I created my collection under the pressure of influences and the weight of all the emotions that have been overwhelming me. I reflected on fear. How very afraid we are nowadays.
We are afraid to be pierced by nature, afraid that the smallest living organism should enter our body, and we are even more afraid to be pierced by ourselves, from within. To feel. To feel the anguish mounting inside us. We are terrified to be pierced from all sides. But what is that thing in between, that shield that is being punctured? To me, the skin became a symbol for it. Thus the skin represented the core of my research for the collection. The thin epidermis, smooth and soft, covers all that brews and bubbles underneath. I was wondering about this uncertainty, this anger, helplessness, and fragility. What if it showed, what if it crawled onto the surface – how would it look? What if we wore it for everyone to see, what if it was engraved, imprinted on the skin?

It seems to me that all these textures and experiments reflect the restlessness and anguish which have poured from inside of me onto my creations. And as I send them into the world to live on, I feel the very fact that I can express everything that is troubling me through such a medium as clothing is supernatural and majestic.

I wish that my pieces would make those who will wear them feel a little more of themselves and their strength. That they would give us the courage to get a little more in touch with ourselves. I’d like to think that a piece of clothing can be the start of this journey.



Clothing, Creative direction & Edit: Tanja Vidic
Photo: Lea Topolovec
Models: Janez Škrlec & Zala Vezenšek
Assistant: Margarita Gardina

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