Fire on Stage – David Lynch

Not everybody knows that the famous director of the popular series Twin Peaks from the 1990s David Lynch started out on his artistic path as a painter. The selection of his collections of lithographic works created since 2007 in the Idem Parisian studio is being exhibited at the International Graphic Art Center from 13 April to 29 July. Looking at the exhibition of 70 lithographic graphics by the comprehensive US screenwriter, director, painter, photographer and musician entitled Fire on Stage, there is a blackness that is ubiquitous in his works. The black color symbolizes the absence of light; all the light that touches it, it absorbs. As the artist himself has expressed, the colors in his creations are superfluous, since they do not leave room for the dream world to express itself. Lynch’s lithograph messages are manifestations from the depths of the underworld of the unconscious world, which overwhelm you and leave room for personal associations to emerge to the surface. Through the motives of distorted dream images, insects and objects from dreams, we get an insight into the deepest fears. It combines images with skillfully selected titles, serving art as a bridge between wild motifs from imaginary worlds and mental processes that take place in each individual when trying to catch the meaning of the work. The significance is unlimited, therefore traveling to unlimited worlds of the interior is inevitable.


text: Ina Klanšek, photo: Manca Kocjančič

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