Another fashion season came to an end in Slovenia, with Ljubljana Fashion Week at the start of November bringing a selection of local and regional designers to Viba film and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana a few weeks later, this time focusing only on Menswear, showcasing it in a car workshop. How manly.

The majority of collections gave us classic, ready-to-wear pieces with a number of flowy dresses to choose from. Coats and accessories had a strong representation as well this season. The menswear was tailored and classic on one side and street inspired with some questionable styling choices on the other.

The Faculty of Design showed student collections at LJFW, giving us a glimpse of the next generation of creatives. And if it’s anything like Jan Brovč’s final collection, we might be in for a treat.

Young designers stood out this season, taking the crown again by making exciting garments and collections that scream for change. Tjaša Zalar, M.FictionSanija Reja Aske and Sari Valenci are all making a name for themselves, with their individuality, bold silhouette and presentation.

It is great to see that the Slovenian fashion scene is supporting and giving a platform to regional (and international) designers, but with it we might be losing our own identity and representation.  With half of the designers being foreign, is it even fair to call it Slovenian fashion week anymore?



MBFWLJ – Sari Valenci: Sandi Fišer

MBFWLJ – Tjaša Zalar: Sandi Fišer

LJFW – Jan Brovč: Jure Makovec

LJFW – Sanija Reja Aske: Jure Makovec

LJFW – M.Fiction: Jure Makovec

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