Dorijan Šiško

Designer, multimedia artist, illustrator, VJ

I do art and design. I seek for strengths in both fields, and then I melt them. I fuse several aspects of design: typography, illustration, 3d design, contemporary art to create something new; a visual stimulus where the conceptual illustrations portray different thematical specters.

You can find Šiško in virtual worlds on the internet or in dark clubs projecting his images to music. Always ready to materialize his thoughts, ideas, “creating something that isn’t fake, something that is a reflection of you.

Life in general” is his main source of inspiration; “different art, other people, your surroundings, events in your life, it’s kind of hard to think about these things in a linear fashion, it is a complex process made of a system of ideas and interests.” For this, he comments on his perception:

“Art is subjective, that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes the best is interpreted in many different ways and sparks long discussions and new ideas. When art provokes and makes people think in any kind of way, it’s a good thing, straight-forward meaning and symbolism can be boring and predictable.”

It is, therefore, not a surprise that he has developed a particular interest in Speculative Design. He defined it as a dimension where alternative patterns of thinking are created so we can form different futures to live in.

Inherently, positioned figures in a post-cathartic hypothesis, accelerating the untold meta-narratives of self-discovery. Creative, meticulous, semantic, (un)reliable draws of “then” which “is always rhetorically complicated and can be drenched in nostalgia.”

Šiško’s collection represents an innovative interconnectedness of presentfuture time and context within an endless utopia. The disclosure of self-objectivization and objectivization of the subjective. The coming across of intuitive experience and virtual disillusion. The metamorphosis of the real into sci-fi, or otherwise. The magic realism of those events left behind, in order to forget, but reinforced when retold. The animated sculptures simulating part of the place where you already have been, and you want to be there again. You don’t know the path, so you let yourself be driven by your motives.

Can you see the motif in the panoramic picture of your future?

Words: David Chavez
Graphic: Dorijan Šiško
Pictures: Špela Senica
Models: Viktoria Angyal, Rebeka Angyal, Felix Estermann

Check out the Endless Utopia collection at:

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