Digitalization by Teotim Logar

The series was made as a practical part of his master thesis dissertation. »Digitalization« portrays the gradual transition of the human being from its natural into a digital world. This exchange of the primary environment is portrayed by a natural human state to which modern and digital elements are gradually added. In the last photograph we can see that humans have become completely synchronized with the digital world, possibly even genetically as it resembles hologram. The digital part of the subject is unclear, tilted and even suggests the hidden potential digitally changing human form. The subject’s journey thus encourages its natural instinct to explore and experience new stimuli, in this case artificial lights, which consequently leads to an artificially created world.


Who is Teotim Logar?
I am both a photographer and a videographer by education and in practice. I strive to create projects on all stages, so I am working a lot also as a producer, director of photography and in post-production.

What got you involved with photography?
I believe that creating images is like creating different realities and at the same time defining the common one. It’s a lot of fun and kind of a tricky thing to do, so I do it. And since I am a very aesthetic person, what I enjoy most is creating new looks.

What is your specialty?
I like to be quite philosophical and cinematic with my personal work. My photography is getting more and more story-based and made in series – probably because of the constant jumping between still and motion picture. I prefer the unknown to reality and I like to show that quite directly.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?
The challenge is creating content that is good for the seller and the buyer, which is not the case for most of the industry today. But a relatively short time ago it still was and I think it could be again.

What was the most important point where things have changed for the better for you?
Probably learning that you only really want 1% of the things surrounding you and being strong enough to focus on them.

And in the future?
I will try to support more Slovenian brands and of course continue to develop my work further, wherever this path may lead.



Photography: Teotim Logar
Model: Leilani Štajer


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