Agnes Momirski
20.4.2018 – 20.5.2018
Roodkapje Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The spoken word performance employs two voices in mutual interplay to narrate a guided meditation session, guiding the viewers into visualization of a post-work future and the global quest for eternal happiness. Experimenting with sonic, linguistic and vocal registers, the performance evokes multiple effects across the gradient of consciousness and soothes the audience into a relaxing visualization of a mimetic and intuitive coexistence, digital transcendence and techno-telepathy.

Made in collaboration with sound artist Jesse Perlstein and vocalist Margje Ottevanger.


The exhibition installation is a space for exploring the sensuality of comforting wellness tools and the global quest for emotional knowledge and wellbeing. The objects in the exhibition space allow the visitors to rest on them and hug them, and immerse themselves in sonic and vocal resonances and spoken word utterances. Inspired by the idea of a post-work society, wellness culture and occult origins of technology, the exhibition is a space of experimentation with visual, sonic and spacial design elements, simulating a sensual healing place and a resurrection of archaic knowledge.


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