Damask Rose

The purpose of the Damascus rose project was to extract inner beauty from a woman and consequently her sensuality. Because Izola has incredible historical architecture we chose the Besenghi Palace Izola Palace as the main thread of the story. This way you can feel the soul of the artists who live in it. The photographer captured the essence by dramatically depicting both the model and the palace. They are one together.

Makeup tingles with the image itself as it is modern avant-garde but that is why it falls so nicely into the very concept of the story. Damascus Rose is a wake up call for spring, emotions and longing.


Photography: Nejc Falež / Jesters photo lab
Model: Ana Elez / World Top Model Slovenia
Make up: Neli Paspalj / Inline make up
Hair: Neli Paspalj / Inline make up
Clothing: made according to the original idea of Giambattista Valli
Location: Besenghi Palace Izola

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