Cyber Sanctuaries

Cyber Sanctuaries
The Wrong Biennale
1 November 2019 – 1 March 2020

Curated by Specter (Agnes Momirski & Georgia Kareola)
Featured artists: George Jasper Stone & Suzannah Pettigrew & cktrl, Pinar & Viola, Kumbirai Makumbe, Fahmi Mursyid, Keiken, Jasper Griepink, Weixin Quek Chong, Kerrie IRL, Noviki, Valdas Neurovirtual, Semiosphera.
Digital design by Carsten Goertz

Cyber Sanctuaries is an online pavilion by Specter, a curatorial initiative by Agnes Momirski & Georgia Kareola, created as part of The Wrong Biennale. Set up as a digital spa environment, Cyber Sanctuaries pavilion features a selection of artworks that induce calming, nurturing, ambient experiences in the digital territory. At the same time, the pavilion asks us to reflect on the digital environment as a new realm of possibilities to go beyond our physical limitations.

The Wrong Biennale is a young yet prominent digital art biennale; a world-wide, decentralised art event aiming to nurture digital culture today. Featuring over 2000 artists across 180 pavilions, the biennale aims to engage the audience with digital artworks in an unprecedented way.

Cyber Sanctuaries pavilion offers a critical yet intuitive exploration of the digital space as a place for ambient modes of being; a place of new multi-sensory landscapes which become vehicles for experiencing the infinite universe, both outside and within. Cyber Sanctuaries is a maze of digital experiences, made with accessible digital tools ranging from AR, 3D, sound, machine learning, video and GUI interfaces. The artworks range from calming ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response), to social media cleansing detox, and unravel critical reflections on decentralization, wellness and mindfulness economy. These experiences ask us to rethink how we can step out of linear time, pause, and connect with the inner being in the informational age.

Cyber Sanctuaries is your place to digitally retreat, replenish and rejuvenate. You’re asked to choose from our menu of cyber sanctuaries to enjoy a calming and nourishing experience and begin your healing digital journey. Within this digital cosmos, find featured
artists: George Jasper Stone & Suzannah Pettigrew & cktrl, Sofia Crespo, Kumbirai Makumbe, Fahmi Mursyid, Pinar & Viola, Keiken, Jasper Griepink, Weixin Quek Chong, Kerrie IRL, Noviki, Valdas Neurovirtual, Semiosphera.

About Specter:
Specter is an umbrella for interdisciplinary events and curatorial initiatives, initiated by Agnes Momirski and Georgia Kareola in 2018. Specter was born from a deep curiosity in the topic of human enhancement and self-mastery in a technology enabled environment. Specter investigates scientific-, spiritual-, and design strategies to relish our humanness, sentience and sensuality in our constantly evolving human-tech playgrounds.


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