Upon arriving from Madrid, I walked into the shop with my suitcase and dived into the comfort of the couch. It felt like the world stopped and revolved around me only. A priceless moment of happiness, of  self-awareness, when the surroundings cease to exist. It’s just you. Calm, without thoughts. An overwhelming sensation. The feeling of recently created, not yet worn and custom made fashionable clothes on your skin, a piece of cake in your mouth, made with a non-recurring taste and only for you. You are hedonistically drowning in a whirlpool of self-sufficiency, overflowed by the magical energy of the cosmos. The world of light, as if directed toward the gods, blinds you and creates eternity.

Milestones of 19 years of life were flashing in my mind. I’m celebrating today. The celebration is chic, in my style. When I first walked into this space, I felt the need to pour energy out of myself, to engrave myself. The story of a boy whose body is the art canvas on which he creates. Love me and hate me. My content is clean, honest, unattached. I sail with those who feel me and are not afraid to see all the colors of the rainbow.

I open my copper chest and I invite everyone who simply are themselves to enter.

With love,
Hector Alfredo Bejaran Hernandez


Photo + text + space stylist: Yeremie Pierre Noir
Model + outfit stylist: Hector Alfredo Bejaran Hernandez
MUA: Lola Jevtić
Clothes on model: Dejan Petrović (white shirt and pants: Zara)
Cake: Anja Golub
Location: Moro Sartoriale


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