AWAY: Lusha Alic Interview

Lusha Alic is a Slovenian born fashion image and film maker who found her voice after she left home and settled in the British capital. Her raw and gloomy yet sensual visual style stands out of notable publications like Vogue Italia, I-D, Dazed & SHOWSTUDIO. Most recently Lusha has been busy photographing rap stars like A$AP Rocky, Tyler the Creator, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz for Yoho Boy. We chatted with her about Slovenia, her big break and the world.

Tell me about your life and creative career before you moved abroad; how and when did your interest into photography start?

Before I moved to London, I studied general photography at the High School of Art and Photography in Ljubljana. Taking the photography course was more of a random decision at the time; I would say that my passion for taking photos developed later on, during my first year in London, when I was completing my Foundation Year Diploma.

At 18 you decided to leave Ljubljana and move to London – why London? And what did you want to get out of it?

I felt like London was the perfect place for me to go and explore all the possibilities especially in the creative scene. I knew I had to leave Slovenia to be able to do bigger and better things and get opportunities that I might not have had had I stayed.

A year later you enrolled at London College of Fashion studying photography. How do your uni years in London compare to your high school years in Ljubljana?

My uni years in London were way more intense and challenging but also really eye-opening and inspiring. Comparing it to high school in Ljubljana would be difficult because of the difference in the level of education.

After you graduated and completed Photography Mastered with Nick Knight it all went crazy, didn’t it? What was the turning point when you realised your career had taken off?

It did get a bit unreal after that. I think it really started with the photographs from my final major project at LCF, which got me good exposure and interest from different platforms.

Now you are traveling the world, shooting cover stories. What has been the highlight of it all?

The highlight is definitely to be able to travel, I feel so grateful to be able to experience different places and be able to work at the same time and meet some of my favourite artists.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

To listen to yourself, go with your instinct and don’t let other people’s opinion and thoughts influence your own.

Moving away is not always pretty, is it? What has been the biggest struggle for you?

There are always moments of loneliness – I think the biggest struggle of changing places is keeping strong connections with family or friends.

And how often do you return home home, to Slovenia?

I usually come visit Slovenia once or twice a year.

Would you like to move back to Slovenia? What would it take for you to return?

I think moving back wouldn’t be an option for me, I like to move around and change places.

What’s your opinion on the creative scene in Slovenia? Do you think young people have enough opportunities and get enough support to start their careers?

I can’t say much about it because I am not that aware of opportunities there, but I definitely feel it has positively changed and expanded since I left.

And finally, do you have any advice for young people with big aspirations?

My advice would be to never give up on what you love doing, be patient, set goals – always dream big ♡

You can see more of Lusha’s work on and @lushaalic

Slovenia is a tiny country that offers limited opportunities when it comes to fashion and image making. Every year there are approximately 60 students accepted to study fashion design, not to mention textiles and other similar courses. But there is a real lack of opportunities and internships, let alone jobs for graduates or career guidance. In recent years there has been some great progress in Slovenian fashion with a series of fashion events, boutiques stocking local clothing and popular culture supporting young designers. However young people still aspire to move abroad to one of the fashion capitals for their chance at employment and dream jobs.

 Anže Ermenc explores why young Slovenian creatives are moving away. ‘AWAY’ is a series of interviews highlighting their experiences and struggles as well as identifying issues and opportunities in Slovenia. Is it worth moving away from the comfort of home and saying goodbye to loved ones for a ‘shot’ at fame?


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