A Letter to SELF-ish


once the routine and the madness of light speed surroundings are taken away, who are you left with but yourself.

Isolation grabs you by the neck, digs its long red acrylic nails into the skin and suffocates with loneliness. Suddenly, human contact in its rawest form turned into the sweetest forbidden fruit. A click isn’t a touch. Screen lacks one dimension of depth. Thoughts, feelings and words interrupted by poor signal. Digital isn’t social enough.

People’s newly discovered synonym for physically being alone became to be bored. They’ve been hiding their boredom with themselves by letting singular dance in the shadows of plural. In order to not feel alone, we replaced i.

Why are you being your own side line attraction?

You’re saying having yourself isn’t good enough. You might do without the company of others however the sole existence of a person cannot do without the primary company of oneself. It’s who is with you 24/7. Denial will just make you self-destruct.

A sudden epiphany amidst the chaos;
if self-isolation is our doom, we need to re-meet ourselves.
So #staythefuckhome.

Yours truly,
Polona Čebular


Part of Letters to Friends and Stranges:
Times are strange and getting stranger. We know that out there things are rough and that the current situation is not to be taken lightly. The New Edge Team supports the #staythefuckhome movement in order to flatten the curve and get things under control for a brighter and healthier future. We also respect and are grateful for those who are out there fighting to stop this virus and helping those affected by it.

It’s hard to be alone sometimes. While you partake in self-isolation it might be difficult for you to be alone with your thoughts. Which is why we’ve decided to open our mailbox for your letters. We’re here to listen to and support each other and maybe make this current situation easier for you so you don’t feel so alone.

As always, our magazine and platform supports creativity, imagination and the free flow of thought. So we’re reaching out to you. Write us a letter. Tell us what’s on your mind; you can write about the current situation and world we have found ourselves in, what you’ve thought about these days, what you’ve realised about yourself or others. What you’ve read or listened to. Maybe you wrote a poem or a song. Maybe you let your creative side speak. Write what you’d like to share with strangers and friends. It can be anonymous or not – whatever’s comfortable for you. 

We’ll be publishing your letters on our web in hopes of creating a sense of community and togetherness.

Stay home. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
Love, New Edge


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