Who and what is 36H?

36H is basically a group of young people, who all enjoy the culture of modern hip hop music and fashion. We decided to show our own energy and vibe by making our own music, organizing events, performing shows, making clothes and basically making people go wild with our shit (pardon our language). The group consists of rappers, producers and music engineers in the making who all have a part in the final “products” we are trying to create. The name 36H itself comes from the original group called zero6teen which is how it all started. It consisted of NISUKE, SKEEF who had spent all their time rapping together and KI helping them with the technical side of music. With KI’s help SKEEF later started focusing on actual production and sound engineering and soon after things started to evolve into actual making of music. The name later evolved into cyrillic writing 3EPO6TEEH which was mocking our attempts of trying to rap in English that sounded more like Russians trying to learn English hahahaha. We figured it’s kind of complicated to say this whole word, so we made a shorter name 36H (3epo6teeH), which represents us all as a group. Soon after that, SKEEFs old friend MARCO (previously known as solo artist GAMEBOY) decided to start doing music and joined the group. Our latest addition to the team is COB, who is also focusing on production. Our motto is: POZITIVEX MOOD!!!

What are you currently doing, what are your latest projects?

We actually just finished our latest collaboration project with our man Outtagridboy. Besides that, our main focus is working on our 4 latest singles and releasing them as soon as we can. We recently shot a music video for one of them, which is coming out really soon so stay tuned. We are also working on our official merch. We have a lot of potential ideas on how to expand our brand and we are looking forward to realizing all the ideas we are planning behind the scenes with our whole crew. We spend a lot of time “perfecting” our ideas, because we constantly want to upgrade and be better, which sometimes takes a lot of time, especially with us and our temperamental characters. But we are really excited to show the new picture of our whole group to the public.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

We mostly want to transform our vibe and energy from real life into our music. We inspire each other because we make most of the things together. We try to acknowledge each idea from every person in the group as individual, try joining them all together and make them come out as one. We are inspired by the whole hip hop culture all over the world as we constantly follow trends that are going on around us and overseas (USA) where you can find the epicenter of the whole culture. Lately we have been focusing on the Balkan area of hip hop culture which we feel like is rising up very quickly and we want to be a part of it.

Is your (fashion) style connected to your style of music?

In our business it’s common for people to express themselves through different areas of art such as music and fashion. We feel like our style is also an expression of our energy and our vibe from each individual. For example the many colors we wear shows that we are a temperamental group of people. Each member has his own view on fashion and combined together you get our “colorful” vibe. We feel like people are also connecting and communicating in a way with this specific style. If someone who doesn’t know us sees us on the street and is also invested in the same culture as us they would probably recognize us as their own pretty quick, as opposed to some other who do not follow these trends and will see absolutely zero sense in what they are seeing. So we would say fashion connects us all in this culture.

What separates you from other artists?

We would say our energy inside the group, our way of communicating and point of view on this whole culture of music, fashion and film industry. We could also say that our way of creating music is kind of special, as we have our own flow of work and attitude towards the process of creating music. Everyone creates their own picture of what they see and hear, and we want to share our own picture throughout our own sound.

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Hopefully conquering Balkan and touring big cities of the former country of Yugoslavia hahahah. We see this culture as a connection of countries that previously didn’t understand each other because of past political incidents. We feel like this whole lifestyle, that we are part of, is connecting people through music, fashion, parties etc.

Our goal is to connect as many people as possible through our music and our style. We strive towards spreading and sharing our »lifestyle«, with other people, especially ours and our neighboring countries’. That’s our main focus for now. But mostly we follow the so called »go with the flow« vibe which led us to where we are now. We intend to stay in this lane.

Photographer: Samantha Kandinsky
Creative director and stylist: Maša Erčulj
Stylist assistant: Ana Pika Erčulj
Models: 36H

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