100 Toes – Open Call “KARANTENA”

At the start of self-isolation brought to us by the Covid19-crisis, 100 toes team joined up with a few Slovenian creative brands and created an OPEN CALL for artists of all trades. 

Because 100 toes team isn’t primarily a team of master-chefs and our backs start hurting after multiple hours of watching tv, are sick of “STAY HOME” hashtags on Instagram and we are eager to express our creativity, we decided to organise a creative project meant for everyone who shares our resstlessnes to make something bigger. We think that we are not the only ones who have dealt with a problem called “BOREDOM” so we decided to take it as is and make a fun game out of it. An open call for artist meant to encourage creativity during the time of being quarantined. So we invited everyone who has a creative side to them to join us in a fun quest – open call named KARANTENA! 

Sponsors of the open call: Pirate Piška, Lyc, Lantern Collective, Made in Anselma, Lowo, Look back and laugh, Fuga, Peter Fettich, Lucija, Ne toči Peter, Nimaš izbire.




1. Dora Benčevič

As you can see, I live in a world of comics. I turn my thoughts or dreams into stories, cleaning my head daily and dumping it all on my iPad. They say that an artist must be a mirror of the time and space in which he or she lives. So I prepared a couple of short comics that have emerged from my quarantine experience. One shorter than the other, they touch on different situations, all connected by the same (very obvious) common point. Although they mostly represent my critical view of the situation, I try to include a sufficiently tasty share of humor to create a harmony. To conclude: many times I don’t even know where these stories find me, but I know I really enjoy giving them an image. 

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2. Špela Kobal

Paper fish for Pink Panther

The story is inspired by a segment from the Pink Panther cartoon: he cuts a photo of a fish from a magazine, carefully seasons it and then prepares it in a pan. The fish smells. Symbolically, this clip of the cartoon reminded me of the current situation – so I prepared  a supply of fish for the Pink Panther in case he runs out of fishes from magazines.

They are basically conceived as a triptych. But they also work on their own. I leave the decision here, as I don’t think it contributes any changes to me as an artist.

You can follow and find more about Špela Kobal on her Instagram.


3. Žan Valenčak

During the epidemic, most people don’t know what to do with themselves. We lie on our couches, watching the same channels on TV, looking for new series on Netflix. The first day is cool, the third is too. After a week it gets tense. We think about where this is going. How true is it at all?

The illustration represents this feeling. A feeling I haven’t found a real name for yet.

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4. Tanja Vidič

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5. Lenart Megušar


The Universe works. Planets are circling, time is running out. For the subject, however, time stood still. Or rather, lost numbers, days. He stands like a statue, trapped on its pedestal (in his home). He watches the clock and has become a slave to time. However, he no longer distinguishes between hours, days and weeks, so he waits for the clock to set him free.

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6. Zala Hrastar

It was Tuesday afternoon, I was back home for 4 days then and my passion for creating was nowhere to be found. But then again I couldn’t bear watching any more TV series or movies. Reading daily news about the virus only encouraged anxiety to settle deeper and deeper inside of me. I had to make an end to it and music is what helps me every time. I started playing some random songs on the piano and as I am self-taught, everything I play soon continues into improvisation and making up melodies. One stuck with me and I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I just started playing with the notes and variations… Lyrics came to me like a river rushing to the ocean.

V odsevu časa In reflection of time begins a bit mournful; a young lady dreaming of the faraway places and unknown people. But soon sorrow evolves into positivity with the sunrise and smiles. She is destined to follow her path and people who love her will support her, go with her and be there for her. I decided to present the song through digital patchwork illustration. Symbolically, the window represents new opportunities, new beginnings. Window with reflection symbolizes other dimensions, a new world. Maybe a better one. There is also a broken one, representing sadness. To keep and share a positive vibe in the situation we find ourselves in at the moment, I decided to include the first positive verse of the poem, to complete the photo-poetry patchwork illustration.

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7. Dušan Sekulić

“It will be difficult at first, maybe even very difficult – but then it will get easier…” – an interpretation

If we imagine life as an ascend up a spiral staircase, there is one fully rotation every year, week or day. The difficult times of congestion are physically symbolized by the part of the path that is more difficult to cross and steeper, and illustrates the similarity with the exponential curve we hear about these days. With optimism, the path widens again and leads us through the shadows to the garden at the top, where man and nature live in coexistence.

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8. Gal Grobovšek

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9. Patrik Dvorščak

To tomorrow’s world (V jutrišnji svet)
Art technique: Mešane Techniques on canvas

The central motifs in my paintings are masses of people. The crowd is reduced to the uniform of puppets of the created system in the artwork. The figures in the pictures are staring at the viewer. With big, empty eyes, a wide smile and phallic images, I want to show in my work the domination of humanity over things, animals, the world… Which humanity consciously or unknowingly exercises in the world. The multitude of figures also has the purpose of recalling the potential consumption of images that is already present in everyone today. I want the reproduction of figures to be reminiscent of the consumption of products. The only difference is that I produce people. Production is growing along with us. People would like for there to be more of them, which is why there must also be more of everything they live on. Larger and faster multiplication is given to man by nature. Modern man today has exactly this attitude towards production. Every reproduction grows into immensity. However, since they are mainly objects and not so much beings, man’s zeal for as many of these objects as possible increases in accordance with the increase of his needs, which also affects the attitude towards these objects, let alone fellow human beings. I try to put the viewer in the viewpoint of something that is self-responsible, a view of humanity. I would like for the viewers to be aware of the impact they are able to make on their own.

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10. Nina Burazor


I’ve been making music for about 3 months. I received my first keyboard for Christmas in 2019. As I started to play with it I kept asking myself: ‘’How in the h*ll do these famous musicians make these smooth tunes?!’’ It’s not just the tunes that are hard to balance but also the production app itself. I realised that when you want to make a song you are not only a musician, a keyboard player, a vocalist but also some kind of engineer that must put all of those elements in order.
My work is far from perfect but I believe it is the imperfections that truly make my work mine. The song that I made is called ‘’Better days are coming’’ because I wanted to make people feel better after all this panic and anxiety Covid-19 has caused. To let them know that it will all be alright and that in no time we will be reunited with our friends and family, chilling in the sun and making jokes with each other. In a way it was also very therapeutic for me, to make myself calm again. In these hard times it is crucial that each of us finds their inner zen. The smooth melody that reoccurs in the song is meant to soothe and take your mind to another place. I am also singing the vocals and they are meant to re-assure that there  is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel. The high notes are there to lift your spirit up because it is a happy song, after all.

You can follow and find more about Nina Burazor on her Instagram.


Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating!

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