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New Edge #09

Something caught our eye, because it reflected a part of us in it. (Vanja Žižić) Enjoy our newest reflections issue!

New Edge #08

Errors remind us that nothing should be taken too seriously. At least not for too long. (Denis Pucelj) Enjoy our newest glitch iss…

New Edge #07

In the words of Plato: The measure of a man is what he does with power. ⚡ The time has come, our newest issue is out!


  • Promising
  • Vision
  • Fashion
  • Alternative
  • Culture
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It’s neither good nor bad

One early morning I got a text from my friend saying that she’s in need of coffee. I could tell from the way she wrote it th…

New Edge X Tozd – Launch Party

Friday night at TOZD was truly something special. We cannot thank enough everyone who came to say hello, hang out with us and in g…

Versace Tribute by Kristijan Švab

A fashion icon and a creator. A lover, a son, a brother.  Gianni Versace was born on December 2nd 1946 in Reggio Calabria, Italy.…

Visuals for a lifetime vol.1

It was coming to the end of the dry season and I was woken up by the sun’s bright light, glistening through the window of my bea…

Jaša Muller, flowers and ice

Jaša Muller is a 18 year old artist, currently studying photography at the Secondary School for Photography and Design in Ljublja…

Žiga and his Shy girl

It is rare to come across releases like the one we’re about to announce. Žiga the talented musician who takes his craft ve…

A battle won by bubble gum!

Ten years ago, on the last day of September, my life was packed precisely in one suitcase and three boxes. “We have to move, but…

Studio Cepelin – a hidden jewel where now meets then

Not a lot of people know about Studio Cepelin. Situated on Dolenjska cesta in Ljubljana only people that want to find it, do. …


“Focus inwards. Don’t do anything for 15 seconds. Reaching states of complete focus has never been this easy. Focus is a s…

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Since September of 2014 my life has changed because I have c…

Anja Korošec

Founder, Editor in Chief

Joining New Edge at the start was one of the best decisions …

Anže Ermenc

Fashion Director

Self-descriptions in a nutshell aren’t really my forte whi…

Maja Podojsteršek

Content Director

Professionally: Observing the magic of the picture. You want…

Vanja Žižić

Content manager

Madonna, Róisín Murphy, Grace Jones, Butt, Freedom, Correc…

Denis Pucelj

Content manager

Do you want to be part of New Edge, email us along with your…

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