New Edge magazine is a bi-annual independent online publication which highlights the new edges and risks.

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New Edge #09

Something caught our eye, because it reflected a part of us in it. (Vanja Žižić) Enjoy our newest reflections issue!

New Edge #08

Errors remind us that nothing should be taken too seriously. At least not for too long. (Denis Pucelj) Enjoy our newest glitch iss…

New Edge #07

In the words of Plato: The measure of a man is what he does with power. ⚡ The time has come, our newest issue is out!


  • Promising
  • Vision
  • Fashion
  • Alternative
  • Culture
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How did the idea for the magazine come along? Our first idea about an electronic music magazine came roughly five or six years ago…

Reflect yourself, don’t repress yourself

Think of your reflection in the mirror. Do you want to be told what you must look at? Do you want to be told how to look at yourse…


Who is making noise under the name of Kikimore? Kikimore is a group of 6 women who discovered the love and passion for making nois…

Ljubljana Fashion Week April 2018

The fashion season has finally made its comeback in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia and with it the first of the two Slovenian …

Errors taken while you were sleeping

Fashion by itself is an error. When we look into fashion for fulfillment of desires we uncover the beast of it, yet we continue to…


“I want to write songs that move people and create music that makes people move.” Growing up in a small town of Bartlett, circ…

50% chance of rain

Creative direction and styling: Anže Ermenc Photography: Jürgen Kramberger MUA: Gox Miljic, Agnes Krown Models: Teo, Valeska, Ra…


Social media has become a big part of my life and I’ll be the first to call myself out on it and openly admit it. I’m not asha…

PURE HUMAN By Tina Gorjanc

How did the idea of creating leather products from skin come about? The project was always designed as a critical design project t…

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The list is made out of our favorite creatives / creatives that are crossing the edges / they are the ones to watch / our suggestions / the people that are doing something interesting, creative / 

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About us

These are the people who are making the magazine come to life.

Since September of 2014 my life has changed because I have c…

Anja Korošec

Founder, Editor in Chief

Joining New Edge at the start was one of the best decisions …

Anže Ermenc

Fashion Director

Self-descriptions in a nutshell aren’t really my forte whi…

Maja Podojsteršek

Content Director

Professionally: Observing the magic of the picture. You want…

Vanja Žižić

Content manager

Madonna, Róisín Murphy, Grace Jones, Butt, Freedom, Correc…

Denis Pucelj

Content manager

Do you want to be part of New Edge, email us along with your…

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