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New Edge #09

Something caught our eye, because it reflected a part of us in it. (Vanja Žižić) Enjoy our newest reflections issue!

New Edge #08

Errors remind us that nothing should be taken too seriously. At least not for too long. (Denis Pucelj) Enjoy our newest glitch iss…

New Edge #07

In the words of Plato: The measure of a man is what he does with power. ⚡ The time has come, our newest issue is out!


  • Promising
  • Vision
  • Fashion
  • Alternative
  • Culture
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AWAY: Lusha Alic Interview

Lusha Alic is a Slovenian born fashion image and film maker who found her voice after she left home and settled in the British cap…


“Let’s start with the basics.” It’s a sunny Monday morning in late October when I meet with three members of Big Band Gros…

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana May 2018

The second of the two Slovenian major fashion installments, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana opened (and closed) its doors las…

My past does not define me. Except it does.

Is it possible to quantify your existence? To break down a vast ocean of feelings, perpetual mind flow and complexity of intellect…

Hairstyle News Festival celebrated its 15th anniversary in style!

Zagreb, 7th and 8th April 2018 – Hairstyle News Festival, main regional festival for hairdressing professionals, once again prov…

What Is the Future of Fashion? Re-think, Re-structure, Re-flect

Twice a year, the fashion world takes the place of the main news all over the media, and so it was in September this year. Especia…

M J M is a live idea.

Life is people. People with whom we create, laugh and truly love. People with whom we share moments to remember at the end of this…


Agnes Momirski 20.4.2018 – 20.5.2018 Roodkapje Rotterdam, The Netherlands The spoken word performance employs two voices in mutu…


Introduce yourself to our readers: who are you and what is it that you do? Hmmm, who am I? I’m Lara – a personified colourful …

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Since September of 2014 my life has changed because I have c…

Anja Korošec

Founder, Editor in Chief

Joining New Edge at the start was one of the best decisions …

Anže Ermenc

Fashion Director

Self-descriptions in a nutshell aren’t really my forte whi…

Maja Podojsteršek

Content Director

Professionally: Observing the magic of the picture. You want…

Vanja Žižić

Content manager

Madonna, Róisín Murphy, Grace Jones, Butt, Freedom, Correc…

Denis Pucelj

Content manager

Do you want to be part of New Edge, email us along with your…

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